Revolutionizing Beauty: Top New York Based US Startup Spotlight

January 28, 2024

Within the bustling city of New York, a thriving hub of new startups has taken the beauty industry by storm. These companies, with their innovative ideas, have begun to make waves in a market that is traditionally dominated by large, established brands. In fact, these startups have been so successful that they have not only made a substantial impact on the beauty industry but also have garnered the attention of consumers and industry leaders alike. Founded in 2020 or later, these startups are perfect examples of how fresh perspectives and unique strategies can lead to exciting growth and success.

Following the trends of the times, many of these startups prioritize digital presence and e-commerce, offering their products and services primarily online. They recognize the importance of having a strong online presence to reach their target market and maximize their impact. Moreover, many of these startups have been founded by individuals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a richer perspective to the industry, making the industry more inclusive and catering to the needs of a wider population.

From state-of-the-art makeup products to innovative skincare solutions, these startups offer a variety of beauty regimens catered to various age groups, skin types, and personal beauty preferences. Here are some of the most promising beauty startups headquartered in New York City that have taken the industry by storm.

Makeup by Mario

MAKEUP BY MARIO, an interesting upstart in the beauty industry, offers meticulously crafted pro products created with the highest quality formulas to recreate professional makeup techniques that give subtle transformations. Their products, endorsed as suitable for all skin tones, are sure to bring out the best in a person’s natural complexion and features. Facebook. LinkedIn.


A brand rooted in Latin culture – Ceremonia is a novel haircare brand that celebrates Latinx culture. With its upcoming launch this fall, Ceremonia is one to keep on the radar! LinkedIn.


Womaness brings a brand-new conversation to the table with their modern menopause products. They provide trusted advice and innovative products for all symptoms, fostering a supportive community of women. Facebook. LinkedIn.


Veracity goes a step further to create data on hormones and other biofactors that affect skin and health. With their designed self-care experience, it is a breakthrough in personal health. Facebook. LinkedIn.


Selfmade creates an emotional wellbeing brand catered with mental health experts. Their focus on personal wellbeing puts them in a unique niche in the beauty industry. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Caire Beauty

Caire Beauty is a skincare company that addresses skin issues faced by women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. Their bio-scientific formulations aim to boost confidence and visibility. Facebook. LinkedIn.

Figure 1 Beauty

Figure 1 Beauty appears to be working their way into the market. Stay tuned to their journey. LinkedIn.


Founded by the industry icon Jeanine Lobell, the new makeup brand Neen holds promise and is accessible to everyone. LinkedIn.


An addition to the market is Isla, which is showcasing a developing presence within the beauty industry. Facebook. LinkedIn.


With their showerless shampoo, SWAIR has created a product to cater to those on the go. They have designed high-quality hair products for active people. LinkedIn.

Present Life

Check out Present Life to find out what beauty solutions they will bring to the table. LinkedIn.

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