Revolutionizing Agriculture: Spotlight on New York-Based AgriTech Startups

January 3, 2024

With global concern over food security, sustainable farming practices, and climate change, the agriculture industry has been a prime candidate for disruption and innovation in recent years. Many technology-driven agri-startups have emerged to meet these challenges and opportunities in the industry. Among them are several impressive ventures based in New York who have made their mark since their inception in 2020. These companies showcase the innovative spirit that is driving a revolution in the agricultural sector.

From harnessing the power of plant-based solutions, through data-driven mosquito monitoring and portable farming systems to large-scale regenerative agricultural models, these startups are creating smarter, more sustainable practices. They operate at the intersections of agri-tech, biotech, real estate, and IT, demonstrating the broad reach and potential impact of innovation in agriculture.

In this feature, we spotlight some of these promising New York-based startups that are reimagining traditional farming processes and developing innovative solutions to meet the agricultural needs of the future.


Located in Cambridge, New York, CrannMor is a firm initiated by Kevin Maher. The company takes an innovative approach to agroforestry, focussing on profitable and large-scale regenerative agricultural models. CrannMor seeks to catalyze the adoption of agroforestry, shifting the agricultural model towards a more sustainable future. You can also follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


MotherBud is a New York City-based startup disrupting the agricultural sector. The company provides an end-to-end mycelium cultivation platform to enable marginalized communities to develop self-sustaining agricultural enterprises at scale. Follow MotherBud on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @_motherbud.

Scott A. Huish

Applying technology to the traditional realms of real estate and housing, Scott A. Huish is a proptech real estate company out of New York City. Their multifaceted approach also extends into agriculture, construction, and finance as they solve modern housing challenges using smart technologies and modular manufacturing.


Another New York City-based startup, VerticalRoot, is taking farming to the future. Founded by Frances J., the company develops vertical gardens capable of propagating over 30 varieties of vegetation, botanicals, and fresh produce, creating agricultural possibilities indoors all year round. You can also follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter at @verticalroot.

Liberation Labs

Liberation Labs is a biotech firm based in New York City that aims to revolutionize industrial biotechnology systems for agriculture. They focus on creating infrastructure which supports the commercialization of novel protein manufacturing at scale. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.


With a bold move in AgTech and vertical farming, EVOFarms is on a mission to change the way we look at farming. Founded by Alex Andru, this New York City-based company utilizes vertical and hydroponic farming techniques to provide fresh, nutritious, and locally grown foods. You can follow them on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @evo_farms.

Map My Crop

Founded by Swapnil Jadhav, Map My Crop is an AgriTech startup that leverages AI and machine learning to offer satellite-based crop monitoring software and analytics. Located in New York City, the company generates over 30 remote sensing indices, providing actionable insights for crop yield predictions and real-time farming operations advisories. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at @mapmycrop.

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