Revolutionizing Advertising: New US-Based Startups Shaping Industry Future

December 18, 2023

The advertising industry is one of the most dynamic sectors with a consistent need for innovation, creativity and technology. Startups in this sector focus on bringing novel ideas, techniques and solutions to revolutionize the way businesses approach advertising. This article will spotlight some of the promising startups housed in the US, which have emerged since 2020.

Owing to the digital revolution, traditional ways of advertising are making way for new age ways that better align with the changing lifestyles. These startups have made a place for themselves in the industry by intelligently harnessing the power of technology and digital platforms. Whether it’s improving the effectiveness of email marketing or revolutionizing how brands discover influencers and launch campaigns, these startups are paving the way for the future of advertising.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these American startups that are changing the advertising landscape and making a mark within a very short time frame.


Born in Lewes, Delaware, Mailmodo is a venture founded by Apurv Gupta and Aquibur Rahman. This advertising startup specializes in email marketing, providing users with an interactive platform to send AMP emails crafted like applications. You can follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Based in San Francisco, California,, founded by Andrew Yates and Dan Hill, unifies organic search, promotions, and advertising into a single marketplace search optimized to promote the best listings, thereby increasing revenue. More about this company can be found on their Linkedin page.


Another start-up from Los Angeles, California, Glewee, founded by Christian Brown and Dylan Duke, offers an application-based platform combining influencer search, relationship management, collaboration tools, campaign planning, and reporting to assist brands. To know more, visit their LinkedIn page.


Operating from Mountain View, California, Hypotenuse, a startup by Joshua Wong and Low Lin-Hui, offers an automatic content writing service for companies, catering to different purposes like product descriptions, advertising text, and blog posts. Check them out on their Linkedin page.

HIVE Diversity

Founded by Byron Slosar in New York, HIVE Diversity is a virtual recruiting platform aiming to establish an engaging relationship between companies and communities of students and recent graduates. More details are available on their Linkedin page.


Based in Seattle, Washington, ProductWind, the brainchild of Jason Kowalski and Tom H, is an influencer marketing platform aptly designed for brand promotion. They track and review influencers and aid them in launching their influencer marketing campaigns. ProductWind’s Linkedin provides further insights into their company.


From the house of Logan Welbaum in San Francisco, California, Plai serves as a platform to help brands identify micro-influencers and novel keywords. With the help of this platform, brands can design and launch Google Ads and Youtube Ads in minutes. Stay updated on Plai’s journey on Facebook and Linkedin.

ArcSpan Technologies

A New York-based startup by Arthur Muldoon and Garret Vreeland, ArcSpan is a B2B audience data monetization platform that assists publishers to maximize their ad-sales revenue amidst the “identity revolution”. Find them on their Linkedin page.

Nurture Boss

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nurture Boss founded by Jacob Carter, offers a unique solution, aiding apartment operators to streamline their marketing efforts. They specialize in Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation. For more about their company, check out their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, AdaptMX boasts a cutting-edge software for tailor-made advertising solutions in the digital media and publishing industry. They offer programmatic data that assists media buyers in purchasing decisions. For more details, check their Linkedin page.

Sports Gambling Guides

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Sports Gambling Guides is a team of sports gambling experts offering research and betting advice. In today’s world where sports betting is becoming mainstream, they hold a significant importance. Visit their Linkedin page and follow them on @SGG_HQ on Twitter.

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