Private Proxy Benefits In eCommerce

November 30, 2023
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The transformative inventions in Information Technologies (IT) and telecommunication have empowered the rapid progress of modern society. In consequence, the majority of communication in the last decade, especially transmission of files, documents, and other valuable materials, is being transported over the internet.

As the dependence on IT solutions continues to grow, we must remain wary of the new world problems that start to influence our everyday lives. While making communication a lot more efficient For example, simple business operations like competitive research do not necessarily mean anything unlawful. You can search for public information about other companies in the industry to gain insights from the perspective of a potential customer. In the past, getting this information was a lot harder, but some instances allowed an anonymous extraction of data, meaning that the recipient did not know much about the person or a party requesting information on products and services. Fast forward to today, because most of these interactions have been digitalised, there are many strings attached that ruin the privacy of your connection.

Nowadays, internet users must understand that there is no such thing as internet privacy. While it does not feel that there is a physically present person watching you, the average web connection encounters tons of trackers that relay information for social media networks and the generation of personalized ads. Even in the structure of connection requests, many private data parameters can be used to profile the observed connection in the future, to identify a person or a party behind it.

A particularly sensitive piece of data, your IP address, is an essential part of every connection, governed by the rules of the Internet protocol. Because of that, establishing a link with another server or device already compromises your privacy. If that occurs while company employees track competitors, if the other party finds out the source of this connection, the situation can escalate to website access restrictions, which will result in severed access to valuable public information.

Thankfully, there is an internet privacy tool that helps us bypass modern obstacles and collect valuable data in secrecy – a private proxy. In this beginner’s guide, we will focus on the role of anonymity services in protecting business-oriented connections, primarily focusing on proxies for  eCommerce management. Keep reading to learn how a private proxy can help a company collect market data, track competitors, and maintain seamless operations across different eCommerce platforms.

Why Pick Private Proxies?

To find out why private proxies are essential for business applications, let’s take a closer look at what a proxy server does. Proxies run software on designated servers that act as intermediary stations, capable of changing the profile of your connection. During regular web access, a digital device obtains a public IP address from its Internet Service Provider (ISP) once it leaves the local network.

This identity communicates with other devices. Protecting it is necessary because if it gets blocked, not only will the connection to important targets be severed, but competitors will learn your approximate location, which can lead to further exposure to players in the industry.

However, if you access websites via a proxy server, the connection gets extended by one stop. After getting a public address from the ISP, another IP is received from the proxy. Once the connection reaches the server, it routes the rest of the web traffic through it, under a new identity.

Aside from anonymity, proxy servers also unblock most of the content on the internet. If you want to visit a website that is not available in your region, connect to a proxy server in a location that has unrestricted access to your target. It will establish a connection with the page and relay it back to you.

Most proxy services follow a similar principle: after paying for a specific deal or a subscription, you can access the provider’s proxy server network, where you receive a random IP address with every connection. However, there are problems – you can end up with identities that got blocked on specific websites by other users, and the speed of regular proxy connections is too inconsistent.

Private proxies are reserved servers for specific clients. Because nobody else can use them, they offer a lot more control over your connection, without forcing you to sacrifice flexibility. These features make them perfect for web scraping, competitor price monitoring, and other data-oriented tasks where stability and secrecy are paramount.

Private Proxy Benefits in eCommerce

This section covers the main perks and use cases of private proxies in eCommerce and the tasks related to it. Keep in mind that there are other ways to achieve them, but proxy servers offer an optimal solution that does not expose your IP address and other network identity parameters.

  • Data Collection and Market Intelligence. Retailers and eCommerce specialists use web scraping and other data aggregation tools to track competitors: their pricing, discounts, new deals, etc.
  • SEO Management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on keeping your eCommerce businesses visible on search engine results pages (SEO). Private proxies help you change the location of your connection, allowing you to research keywords and search results in all locations.
  • Social Media Management. Alongside search engines, social media platforms are the key marketing platforms in the age of digitalization. With the help of private proxies, social media managers can control the company page and many fake accounts with unique dedicated identities.


eCommerce is a hypercompetitive environment where businesses fight over minuscule advantages. With the help of private proxies, you can reach more geolocations, bypass blocking, and gain full control over your web connection with very little effort. Start using a proxy server today: get a free trial or utilize a money-back guarantee to only pay for this unique service if it brings actual benefits.

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