Pioneers of Precision: A Closer Look at Brewster, MA’s Land Surveying Trailblazers

June 29, 2023

1. Outermost Land Survey, Inc.

Providing a wide variety of project-specific requirements, Outermost Land Survey, Inc. is renowned for delivering timely, efficient, and accurate Land Survey services. This small and locally-run business encapsulates the essence of community-oriented service delivery.

2. Soule Land Surveying

While lacking an online presence, Soule Land Surveying stands strong in its diverse service portfolio. Offering geographic information services, land surveying, and scientific surveying services, the company embodies comprehensive and integrative land surveying approaches.

3. Ladue Michael S Land Surveying

Ladue Michael S Land Surveying combines land surveying with construction services, emphasizing the intertwined nature of these sectors. With services that span land surveying and construction, Ladue provides a unique, value-added perspective to its clients.

4. Nickerson & Berger

Nickerson & Berger rise above as a multidimensional company, providing professional civil, marine, and structural engineering services in addition to land surveying. This company plays a crucial role in Cape Cod, the Islands, and Southeastern Massachusetts, highlighting the vastness and complexity of their operations.

5. Felco Incorporated

Having served Cape Cod for more than 25 years, Felco Incorporated is a cornerstone of the region’s land surveying and engineering landscape. With services ranging from land surveying to soil evaluation, Felco’s offerings showcase the extensive breadth and depth of their expertise.

6. Warner a Terry Land Surveying

Though Warner a Terry Land Surveying lacks a detailed description, the categories associated with the company imply a comprehensive approach to land surveying. The firm’s services can be found at

7. Sweetser Engineering, Inc.

A full-service engineering company, Sweetser Engineering, Inc. specializes in professional land surveying, septic design, environmental consulting, and other engineering specialties. Operating in South Dennis, MA, Sweetser showcases the intricate balance between environmentally conscious practices and infrastructural development.

8. East-SouthEast, LLC

While East-SouthEast, LLC keeps its operations under wraps, the land surveying office’s efforts in mapping and boundary assessments are implied by its categories.

9. Eagle Surveying Incorporated

Eagle Surveying Incorporated combines services from land surveying to civil engineering and construction, creating a hybrid platform for service delivery. While it lacks an online presence, its reputation precedes it in Brewster’s community.

10. Existing Grade Inc

Despite a low-key presence, Existing Grade Inc demonstrates an important aspect of the land surveying industry: even firms without detailed descriptions contribute to the backbone of our built environment.

11. Info Tool Inc

Info Tool Inc joins the roster of Brewster’s land surveyors. Their presence in this list highlights their unspoken significance in shaping the town’s landscapes.

12. Capesurv

Last but not least, Capesurv combines a unique mix of services from construction surveying to hydrographic surveying and mapping. More can be discovered about their offerings at

Land surveying plays a critical role in our world’s development. These companies, with their diversified offerings and approaches, are testaments to the tireless work and creative solutions brewing within the industry, particularly within the charming town of Brewster, Massachusetts. These companies are more than just service providers; they are pioneers of precision, reshaping the contours of our built environment with every project.

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