Palo Alto’s Rising US-Based Software Startups: Revolutionizing Tech Industry

January 25, 2024


As the technological hub of the US, Palo Alto, California, is home to many promising software startups that have sprung up in 2020 and onwards. Leveraging the immense talent and innovative culture of Silicon Valley, these startups are reshaping sectors from cloud security to e-commerce to global supply chain intelligence. Let’s take a closer look at these promising companies and their contributions to the software industry.

These startups not only show promise in terms of the innovative solutions they are offering but are also pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally expected in their respective domains. The diversity of these companies also suggests that the software industry in Palo Alto is thriving in multiple different segments, each with groundbreaking products and services.

The following are the startups that are poised to make significant impacts in their respective fields, showcasing the breadth and depth of the software industry startups in Palo Alto, California.


Veza, founded by Maohua Lu, Rob Whitcher, and Tarun Thakur, is a cloud security startup that’s addressing the toughest data security challenges. By organizing authorization metadata across identity providers, data systems, cloud service providers, and applications, Veza is helping users use and share their data safely.


Coefficient is a startup that turns spreadsheets into an operating system for business teams, enabling real-time data connectivity, automation, and workflows. Founded by Navneet Loiwal and Tommy Tsai, its solution connects Google Sheets to any source system.

Legit Security

Founded by Liav Caspi, Lior Barak, and Roni Fuchs, Legit Security is designed to protect software supply chains from attack, ensuring businesses can release software safely and quickly.


DEUNA, a SaaS startup founded by Jose Maria Serrano and Roberto Enrique Kafati Santos, enables a 1-click checkout buying experience for e-commerce merchants and extends its sales network.


At Opsera, founded by Chandra Ranganathan and Kumar Chivukula, they share a vision for the future of software delivery. Their continuous orchestration platform provides self-service toolchain automation, drag-and-drop declarative pipelines, and unified insights.

The Public Health Company

The Public Health Company founded by Brian Levine and Charity Dean, is designing the first global biosecurity platform to offer enterprises a service for the management of bio-risks.

Oro Labs

Oro Labs, with founders Lalitha Rajagopalan, Sudhir Bhojwani, and Yuan Tung, developed a procurement automation platform that significantly improves traditional procurement operations.


Global Supply Chain Intelligence SaaS Company, Trademo, founded by Shalabh Singhal, collects public and private data on global trade transactions, sanctioned parties, trade tariffs, ESG, and other events using its proprietary algorithms.


Solvo is an adaptive cloud infrastructure security platform that was designed by founders David Hendri and Shira Shamban to lift businesses into the cloud, securely and effortlessly.

Noname Security

Noname Security, started by Oz Golan and Shay Levi, offers companies a way to secure managed and unmanaged APIs and protect them from abuse, misuse, and data corruption.

Vehicle Software

Vehicle Software, the brainchild of Joshua Hodgson, Miriam Vu, and Ralph Thomas, develops an infotainment platform that looks to revolutionize the in-car experience for electric vehicles.

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