Oregon’s Rising Stars: The Top 15 Accounting Startups You Should Know About

October 14, 2023

1. Billy App

For freelancers and service businesses searching for straightforward, hassle-free accounting, Billy App stands out. Without a dedicated website, it’s a testament to their effective and efficient system that they’ve garnered such attention and reputation.

2. Dope CFO

Visit their website here
This Oregon-based company is not your conventional accounting firm. Catering specifically to the unique needs of the cannabis industry, Dope CFO is your go-to for impeccable bookkeeping services.

3. Pact

Check them out here
Navigating the intricate tax landscape of the cannabis industry? Pact is the only cannabis compliance platform to take care of state and local sales tax, business tax, and excise tax. Their optimization, automation, and reporting tools are second to none.

4. Flowrev

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When it comes to cost and revenue recognition, as well as lifecycle management software, Flowrev tops the list. Their compatibility with online accounting software systems makes financial processes smooth and streamlined.

5. Truly Bookkeeping

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Truly Bookkeeping is not just about maintaining accounts. They’ve diversified their portfolio to include bookkeeping, online consulting, retirement planning, and even charitable giving services. Truly a holistic approach to accounting!

6. WealthFactor

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More than just an accounting firm, WealthFactor is a financial powerhouse offering a spectrum of services to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

7. AlpineCFO

Discover their expertise here
For businesses in need of outsourced accounting, AlpineCFO is a gem. Their range of services includes financial management, business consulting, budgeting, billing, and even CFO services.

8. Perpetual CPA

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From accounting to tax services, Perpetual CPA ensures that their clients are always in the green, providing impeccable services that cater to various financial needs.

9. Verity Accountancy

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Helping businesses and individuals navigate the world of finance, Verity Accountancy offers comprehensive business advisory, tax preparation, and consulting services.

10. Wise & Co.

Check out their services here
A full-service accounting firm, Wise & Co. extends its offerings from bookkeeping, payroll, and advisory to business valuation, virtual CFO, tax planning, and tax preparation services.

11. Park Place Bookkeeping & Tax Service

Explore their platform here
Whether you’re an individual or a business entity, Park Place Bookkeeping & Tax Service offers a suite of accounting and financial services tailored to your needs.

12. Backstop Tax

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Backstop Tax is a comprehensive accounting firm providing everything from bookkeeping, consulting, business taxation to estate and trust planning services.

13. EVO Business Partners

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Revolutionizing the way businesses approach finance, EVO Business Partners provide top-notch business consulting, financial, and accounting services.

14. WISE & Co

See their expansive services here
Another contender in the accounting world, WISE & Co, offers a myriad of services including accounting, Quickbooks, auditing, taxation, advisory, virtual CFO, and business consulting.

15. AMG Accounting Solutions

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Last but not least, AMG Accounting Solutions rounds up our list. From accounting to payroll services, business consulting, and tax preparation, they have it all covered.

Oregon’s accounting startup scene is flourishing, with each firm bringing its unique offerings to the table. Whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or just someone in need of financial advice, Oregon’s got you covered!

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