North Carolina’s Analytic All-Stars: Pioneering the Future of Data-Driven Solutions

October 6, 2023

1. InfraSight Software

Bringing Business Context to IT Complexity
InfraSight Software is redefining the way businesses navigate the world of IT. With its innovative SaaS and data sciences solutions, this company ensures that businesses can cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

2. Allstacks

Elevating Software Organizations with Value Stream Intelligence
Explore a revolutionary approach to software value stream intelligence with Allstacks. They are setting a new gold standard for optimizing software organizational workflows.

3. Green Stream

Real-time Flood Monitoring for the Modern World
In an era of increasing environmental uncertainties, Green Stream stands out by providing affordable and straightforward flood monitoring services, making a difference for governments and environmental professionals.

4. Solar Unsoiled

Optimizing Solar Farms for Maximum Productivity
The sun’s power is endless, but challenges like soil degradation can diminish its benefits. Solar Unsoiled offers software that ensures solar farms can maximize their potential, unhindered.

5. Optimis

Revolutionizing Electronic Marketplaces for Capital Markets
In the fast-paced world of capital markets, Optimis emerges as a beacon of innovation, creating platforms that bring unparalleled efficiency and insight.

6. Subsalt

Guaranteed Data Privacy in a Digital Age
Data protection is paramount in our modern world. Subsalt offers users the ability to share sensitive data with assurance, ensuring compliance with regulations.

7. Torqata Data

Empowering the Tire Industry with Data-Driven Insights
From producers to retailers, Torqata offers specialized software solutions that are changing the way the tire industry operates.

8. RxDataScience

Pioneering Data Science Solutions in Healthcare and Pharma
RxDataScience stands out as a frontrunner in bringing unique and transformative data science software solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

9. Medblocs

The Nexus of IT Consulting and Software Development
For businesses seeking cutting-edge IT consulting and software solutions, Medblocs is a name synonymous with excellence and innovation.

10. TSV Analytics

Leading the Charge in Social Media Analytics
The world of social media is ever-evolving, and TSV Analytics is at the forefront, bringing insights into virality and online trends.

11. Digital Transformation

Fueling Growth in the Tech Industry
Digital Transformation is the partner tech companies need, enabling them and their partners to achieve unparalleled growth and success.

12. Blaze Advisors

Revolutionizing Care Management in Healthcare
Specializing in care management programs for healthcare institutions, Blaze Advisors is a name synonymous with transformative healthcare analytics.

13. Evalus

Evidence-Based Decision Making for Healthcare Professionals
Evalus stands at the intersection of healthcare and analytics, offering professionals an evidence-based platform for optimal decision-making.

14. The Astral Consulting Group

Champions of Business Intelligence Consulting
Navigate the complexities of business with The Astral Consulting Group. Their unparalleled expertise in business intelligence consulting sets them apart.

15. Grand View Solutions

Blending Business Analytics, Financial Planning, and AI
For companies looking to integrate business analytics with AI and financial planning, Grand View Solutions offers an unbeatable combination of services.

North Carolina’s analytics landscape is diverse and brimming with potential. These 15 companies are paving the way, ensuring that businesses have the tools, insights, and data-driven solutions they need to succeed in today’s competitive market.

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