Navigating the Aisles of Corona: New York’s Vibrant Supermarket Scene

August 16, 2023

The bustling neighborhood of Corona, Queens, is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, which is vividly reflected in its numerous supermarkets. From stores that have aisles devoted to international groceries, to local businesses that cater to the needs of their immediate communities, these supermarkets are the backbone of daily life in Corona. Here’s a closer look at some of these noteworthy businesses:

FOOD BAZAAR: A World of Flavors Under One Roof

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    FOOD BAZAAR is a well-established name in New York, providing international and mainstream groceries alike. With a broad selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and frozen items, a custom meat-cutting department, a deli, bakery, and a full-service fish market, FOOD BAZAAR is a food lover’s paradise, reflecting the diverse cultures that form the community it serves.

Pioneer Supermarkets: Where Quality Meets Convenience

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    With a solid reputation in the supermarket industry, Pioneer Supermarkets prioritizes quality products at affordable prices. Known for friendly staff and well-stocked shelves, it is a go-to shopping destination for many families.

CTown Supermarkets: Serving the Community’s Needs

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    Part of the Alpha 1 Marketing group, CTown Supermarkets is more than just a grocery store. It prides itself on tailoring its products to the local community, ensuring that the diverse needs of Corona’s residents are met.

San Miguel Deli Grocery Inc.: A Neighborhood Gem

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    San Miguel Deli Grocery Inc. exemplifies the spirit of a local business, offering an array of grocery products, fresh produce, and beloved deli items. It is a cornerstone of its community.

Key Food: Your Friendly Neighborhood Supermarket

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    Key Food has been a staple in many New York neighborhoods for years. Known for its variety, quality, and community involvement, it’s a trusted name in the grocery business.

Esquina 100 & 34 Grocery Inc.: More than Just a Store

Esquina is a multi-faceted enterprise, offering general merchandise alongside grocery items. It functions as a supermarket, food store, and local business rolled into one.

Associated Supermarket: A Network of Neighborhood Grocers

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    With multiple locations, Associated Supermarket is a network that spans different neighborhoods but maintains a local grocery store’s charm and commitment to quality service.

Abarrotera Central: Wholesale Options for the Home Cook

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    Abarrotera Central is unique, catering to both the individual shopper and businesses with its wholesale options. A convenient solution for stocking up on all the essentials at competitive prices.

Ariel Grocery Store and Aquyno Grocery Store: Where Every Customer is Family

These stores embody the definition of a local business. With shelves stocked with familiar favorites and new finds, they aim to serve their communities like family.

Bernardo Velasquez Grocery: Sustaining Traditions

Bernardo Velasquez Grocery carries the torch of traditional grocery stores, where quality produce and friendly customer service are always in stock.


In Corona, supermarkets are more than just places to shop—they are vital components of the community’s fabric. From global flavors found at FOOD BAZAAR to the personal touch at local stores like San Miguel Deli Grocery Inc., these businesses ensure that Corona’s residents are well-fed and connected to a world of culinary possibilities right in their neighborhood.

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