Nashville Health Innovations: Trendsetting US Startups Transforming the Healthcare Sector

January 26, 2024

Known for its rich history in music and entertainment, Nashville, Tennessee is also gaining recognition as a thriving hub for healthcare startups. Several promising and innovative healthcare companies have emerged on the scene in recent years, offering fresh perspectives and solutions, ranging from personalized health to advanced, AI-assisted healthcare services. Here, we highlight some of the newest players in the Nashville healthcare industry, all founded in 2020 or later, that are poised to make significant impacts in the realm of health and wellness.

These startups are not only introducing new care delivery models or enhancing existing healthcare services, they are also leveraging technologies to foster advancements in health insurance, nutrition, wellness and medical consultation services. For patients and healthcare providers alike, these startups offer enhanced accessibility, affordability, and individualized care. Here’s a look at some of the promising healthcare startups based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville is a city renowned for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. With a strong focus on the health and medical industry, these startups demonstrate how leading-edge technologies and fresh business approaches can transform care delivery and health outcomes.

Vori Health

Founded by Mary O’Connor and Ryan Grant, Vori Health is an innovative provider of comprehensive care for musculoskeletal conditions. With an integrated medical and rehabilitation approach, the organization is uniquely positioned to address back, neck, and joint issues. Learn more about their unique virtual-first care model and their services via

Thyme Care

Thyme Care is an oncology solution created by Robin Shah. It partners with health plans to offer whole-person care to members, bridging in-person and digital care through Oncology Nurses and Care Partners, software, and analytics. Find out more about their unique patient-centric approach on their website.

Reimagine Care

Founded by Aaron Gerber and Devin Carty, Reimagine Care provides technology-enabled services to support community-based oncology care. Their aim is to make high-quality cancer care more affordable, accessible, and patient-centric. Discover their comprehensive treatment approach on the Reimagine Care website.

HomeFirst Home Health

HomeFirst Home Healthcare offers a variety of medical care services to patients recovering in their homes. From skilled nursing to physical and occupational therapy, they provide essential support for post-treatment recovery. Visit their website for more information.

Healthpilot Technologies

Healthpilot Technologies offers a proprietary decision-support technology. The company’s innovative approach helps match consumers with optimal medicare plans based on their unique profile. Check out their unique services on

Sylvan Health

Sylvan Health is a health care company focused on nutrition and wellness. Get more details about their services on their website.


CareEco is part of the healthcare industry, focusing on hospital and medical services. Learn more about their offerings at

Phase2 Labs

Founded by Kristopher Perkins, Peter Bryant-Greenwood, and Steven E. Kress, Phase2 Labs offers saliva-based PCR testing and respiratory health services. Visit their website to discover more about their unique services.

QS Capital Advisors

QS Capital Advisors is an Investment Bank specializing in Physician Practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Founded by Joseph Shields, they focus particularly on physician service transactions. Visit for more information.

Polaris Health

Founded by Damian Mingle, Nolan Rhem, and Ray Guzman, Polaris Health is an AI scheduling platform that optimizes healthcare labor costs through predictive analytics. Check out their advanced AI solutions on their website.

Apollo Healthcare

Founded by Ben Frank, Apollo Healthcare offers services in consulting, health care, office administration, and project management. Learn more about their wide range of services on their website.

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