Minneapolis’s Digital Maestros: The Top 15 Digital Marketing Startups to Watch

October 6, 2023

1. Fountane: Crafting Web Wonders

Fountane specializes in online marketing solutions that bridge the gap between businesses and their online audience. From intricate website creation to dynamic mobile application development, they have got it all covered.

2. Skykit Digital Signage: Enhancing Workplace Experiences

Visit Skykit for a transformative digital signage solution. They not only boost workplace communication but also drive sales, enhancing overall business operations.

3. PARQA: The Lead Generation Gurus

Seeking brand growth and new leads? PARQA is the ace up your sleeve. They excel in attracting and nurturing leads until they’re ripe for conversion.

4. TheFigCo: The Digital Dynamos

With a knack for curating digital marketing strategies, TheFigCo ensures brands remain relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving digital sphere.

5. KMO Media: E-commerce Evangelists

KMO Media transforms online stores with their adept eCommerce marketing strategies, amplifying online presence and sales.

6. Evology: The Perfect Blend of Design and Data

From SEO to branding, Evology is where creativity meets strategy. Their comprehensive digital solutions make them a go-to agency in Minneapolis.

7. Nativ3: Natives of Digital Realms

Nativ3 breathes life into digital visions, with services ranging from web design to strategic social media campaigns.

8. One Dog Solutions: Every Small Business’s Best Friend

One Dog Solutions has a penchant for crafting digital solutions tailored for small businesses, ensuring they don’t miss out on the digital race.

9. Lionhurst: Pioneers of Paid Strategies

For businesses seeking impactful paid search, remarketing, and video advertising campaigns, Lionhurst is the beacon.

10. MNU Digital: Minneapolis’s Digital Maestro

MNU Digital is the embodiment of digital excellence in Minneapolis, setting new benchmarks for digital agencies.

11. Cora+Krist: The Digital Toolsmiths

Harness the power of the latest digital innovations with Cora+Krist. They streamline marketing and business operations with avant-garde tools and technologies.

12. Brinkley Web: More Than Just Web Solutions

Brinkley Web brings a holistic approach to digital marketing, seamlessly integrating PR, web development, and brand marketing strategies.

13. Nicolet Creative: Visual Storytellers

Nicolet Creative champions the art of video marketing, helping businesses narrate their stories compellingly.

14. Wolderman: Where Creativity Meets Marketing

Wolderman strikes the perfect balance between inventive designs and result-driven marketing strategies, making them a sought-after agency.

15. Moving Tree Media: The Digital Alchemists

For businesses in search of comprehensive digital solutions – from video production to web design – Moving Tree Media is the ultimate destination.

Minneapolis is teeming with innovative digital marketing startups, each with its unique value proposition. These 15 agencies are leading the pack, setting new standards and redefining the digital marketing landscape.

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