Minneapolis Manufacturing Pioneers: Innovative US-Based Startups Transforming the Industry

January 28, 2024

Minneapolis, in the heart of the Midwest, is rapidly becoming a bustling hotspot for some of the most innovative startups in the country. 2020 and beyond has ushered in a new era of manufacturing industry startups–companies that seamlessly blend technology and manufacturing to provide unique and much-needed services. In this article, we explore a selection of such startups, all based in Minneapolis, that have reimagined the manufacturing industry, expanding it beyond traditional constraints and introducing cutting edge technologies and solutions.

Each of these startups is unique, but they all share a common goal: to transform manufacturing with smart application of technology. Whether it’s enterprise software, medical devices, manufacturing data infrastructure or consumer goods, these startups are leading the way towards a new era of manufacturing innovation. Here’s a closer look at six such startups headquartered in Minneapolis that are set to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.

While the pandemic of 2020 has set new challenging frontiers for many industries, the manufacturing sector in Minneapolis has responded with resilience and innovation. The new startups that have emerged in this space have shown growth, maturity, and a propensity for meeting the shifting demand of the industry. Scroll down and get to know each of them.


Founded by Yu Sunny Han, Fulcrum presents a modernized solution for small and midsize production shops with their SaaS manufacturing platform. Their long-term vision is a connected manufacturing supply chain where data entry is simplified and efficiency promoted. Successful connectivity and automation are central factors to this startup’s mission. Learn more about Fulcrum’s groundbreaking solutions at their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


With services including manufacturing and operations-related advisory, audit of suppliers, environmental management system, cybersecurity, and project management, Grassstone is bringing a broad and comprehensive approach to the modern challenges of the manufacturing industry. Find out more about Grassstone’s approach and offerings on their LinkedIn page.

Libre Technologies

Founded by Geoff Nunan and Kirt Anderson, Libre Technologies focuses on manufacturing data infrastructure, manufacturing execution system, and open-source software. This startup aims at making a difference in how data management and analytics are done in the manufacturing industry. Check their LinkedIn page for more details about their approach and products.


Founded by David Blue, Minneapolis-based Saltbox focuses on transforming the buying process of Manufacturers and Consumer Goods organizations through Salesforce consultancy. Offering comprehensive services across strategy, design, implementation, and enablement services, they bridge the gap between business and technology in the B2B space. Discover more about Saltbox on their LinkedIn page.

Enterra Medical

A manufacturing venture with a difference, Enterra Medical specializes in medical equipment manufacturing. Established in the challenging year of 2022, the startup has shown resilience in rapidly building its name in the health care sector. To know more about this startup, visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Transforming the everyday by designing and manufacturing at-home icemakers, Klaris provides a product of quality and convenience. Founder Charles Haider and the Klaris team create products that emphasize usability and simplicity. Find out more about Klaris on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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