Masonry Marvels: Brighton’s Best in the Brick and Stone Business

July 19, 2023

All Mass Masonry and Construction


A family-owned venture, All Mass Masonry and Construction carries two decades of experience under its belt. Specializing in masonry repair, foundation repair, chimney repair, and step repairs, they merge tradition with modern techniques to ensure top-notch services.

Abco Masonry Restoration and Waterproofing


From waterproofing to building restoration, Abco stands out with a broad range of services under its umbrella. Their team ensures that both aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.

Macdougall Masonry


Reaching out to Macdougall Masonry is as easy as a call to (617) 221-3370. Known for their versatile range of services, this company is synonymous with high-quality general contracting in Brighton, MA.

Alpha Masonry


Whether it’s a residential walkway or a commercial chimney, Alpha Masonry showcases unparalleled expertise. With a special focus on both commercial and residential projects, they have carved a niche in various masonry categories.

Boston Stone and Brick

Expertise is evident in every brick laid and every stone installed by Boston Stone and Brick. Dial (617) 455-8430 to connect with professionals who excel in everything from brownstone installation to historic preservation services.

DMR Masonry

DMR Masonry offers an eclectic mix of services. From residential stonework to commercial masonry, their craftsmanship reflects the best of Brighton’s masonry scene.

Statewide Rm


Statewide Rm melds traditional masonry techniques with innovative solutions, catering to an array of construction needs.

Petra Stone Works


While masonry is their forte, Petra Stone Works also delights customers with their unique offering of ice cream shops. An unusual mix, but a testament to their diverse expertise!

Ravensdale Masonry & Construction


Serving homeowners, businesses, and contractors, Ravensdale Masonry & Construction assures services that range from chimney repairs to specialized wall projects.



APM stands as a beacon of reliability for both foundation repairs and driveway installations. Their reputation for hard work and integrity makes them a go-to for many in Brighton.

Greater Boston Masonry And Construction


Offering services ranging from patios to retaining walls, Greater Boston Masonry And Construction is a testament to comprehensive expertise in the masonry domain.

Brando Masonry


Brando Masonry stands out with their specialized service in concrete floor polishing. With a reach that extends beyond Brighton, their expertise is sought after in several regions.

BrickStone Masonry Inc.


Dedication to the craft is evident in every project undertaken by BrickStone Masonry Inc. Their proficiency in masonry services is unmatched in the Brighton area.

Solid Flue Chimney Savers


More than just a masonry company, Solid Flue Chimney Savers is an award-winning renovation firm. Their commitment to restoring historic architecture sets them apart as leaders in the industry.

Brighton’s masonry scene is thriving, with companies blending traditional skills with modern innovations. This list offers a snapshot, but the true beauty lies in the brick and stone structures these companies help create and restore. Whether you’re looking to undertake a new project or simply admire craftsmanship, Brighton’s masonry marvels won’t disappoint.

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