Leading Austin-Based Accounting Startups Revolutionizing U.S. Financial Industry

January 3, 2024

As the centre of technological innovations within Texas, Austin has seen numerous startups emerge in recent years. This list, in particular, highlights companies founded in 2020 or later in the Accounting industry. These entrepreneurial businesses leverage technology to offer unique, advanced and effective solutions in fiancial management and planning. Austin represents an impressively vibrant startup ecosystem, and each venture stands out through its unique approaches.

Here, we spotlight seven accounting startups that have been making waves in the industry, demonstrating how solutions range from bookkeeping management tools to comprehensive financial service providers. These companies personify Austin’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and the city’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation in the accounting sector.

Get to know the startups that are laying the groundwork for the future of the financial industry in Austin, and indeed, the United States.


Led by founders Ben Stein and Kenny Song, Keeper has been successful in utilizing technology to assist bookkeepers in managing their clients’ back-office operations. As part of the accounting and software industry, Keeper aims to streamline the bookkeeping process, proving its value to the financial sector. Follow their work and achievements on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Rose Punkunus, Sudozi stands as a real-time platform that aids businesses in tracking, collaborating, budgeting, and approving their budget management and vendor management workflows. Launched in Austin in 2020, this company asserts its novel approach to the accounting software industry. See more of the company’s updates and accomplishments on Twitter and LinkedIn.


At the intersection of finance, fraud detection, and the software industry, Scrutinize has utilized technology to pioneer an anomaly detection system for accounting. Their unique solution enhances the transparency and efficiency of the finance sector. Stay in-the-know with their latest advancements on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With founder Jordan Pokross at the helm, MoonRocket developed software to automate customer experiences and payments for enterprise clients, such as lenders. This Austin-based company is also involved in debt collections, fintech, and SaaS. Stay in touch with them via Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Benchmark Cloud Accounting

Founded by Matt Elson, Benchmark Cloud Accounting assists VC-backed companies at any stage of growth with its advisory, controller, and critical thinking accounting services technology. Keep up with their developments on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


512Financial stands unique in providing a combination of accounting, financial services, and human resources. This accounting startup, though not much is known about its founders, has been making strides in the Austin entrepreneurial scene. Stay connected to their latest strides through their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, the accounting industry’s future in Austin looks promising. These innovative startups are the ones to watch as they continue to disrupt and transform the landscape of accounting through their unique solutions and technology-driven strategies.

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