Landscaping Legends of Brookfield: A Dive into Connecticut’s Finest Outdoor Artisans

A curated look at Brookfield’s leading landscape companies making waves in the green industry.

Metro Turf Specialists

Categories: Landscape Company, Turf supplier
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A prominent name in the landscape industry, Metro Turf Specialists offer specialized turf solutions for pristine lawns and gardens.

Outdoor Solutions Group

Categories: Gardener, Landscape Company, Landscape designer, Landscape Designers
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From garden maintenance to sophisticated landscape designs, Outdoor Solutions Group crafts outdoor dreams into reality.

Sunburst Landscaping

Categories: Demolition & Excavation Company, Landscape Company, Landscaper, Service, Lawn Service, Landscape Contractors
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Redefining landscapes, Sunburst offers a holistic service from excavation to garden creation.

Sunshine Landscaping – Lawn Care Services

Categories: A comprehensive suite of services ranging from lawn care, landscaping, to tree services
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Dedicated to the health and beauty of green spaces, Sunshine Landscaping provides meticulous care from grass cutting to tree planting.

Shakespeare’s Garden

Categories: Garden Center, Landscape Company, Agricultural Services, Lawn Service, Garden Services, Gardener
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A haven for plant lovers, Shakespeare’s Garden is a blend of a well-equipped garden center and superior landscaping services.

Brothers Outdoor Services

Categories: Landscaper, Lawn Care Service, Property Maintenance, Lawn Mowing
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Focused on maintaining Brookfield’s beautiful landscapes, Brothers Outdoor Services guarantees lawn perfection with every trim.

Mist Hill Property Maintenance

Categories: —
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Dedicated property caretakers, Mist Hill specializes in landscape maintenance and rejuvenation.

New England Landscaping & Management

Categories: Landscaper

New England Landscaping boasts experienced landscapers skilled in transforming spaces into green masterpieces.

Pioneer Landscaping Inc

Categories: Landscaper, Agricultural Services, Lawn Service, Garden Services
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Pioneers in the art of gardening and landscaping, they bring life to gardens with unparalleled service.

Scapes LLC

Categories: Landscaper
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Scapes LLC stands out with their holistic landscaping approach, ensuring all elements of your outdoor space harmonize.

J & W Landscape Design & Svc

Categories: Landscape designer, Landscape Designers

J & W offer exquisite designs that not only beautify but also add value to spaces.

Custom Landscaping

Categories: Landscapers
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Masters in creating bespoke outdoor spaces, Custom Landscaping tailors every project to the client’s vision.

Pathways Counseling of CT

Categories: Landscapers

Though an unconventional name in the list, Pathways Counseling brings therapeutic landscapes, ensuring peace and tranquillity.

Eddy Landscaping & Cleaning Service Inc

Categories: —

A multitasking firm that ensures both the beauty and cleanliness of your landscape.

Illescas Construction

Categories: Contractor, Masonry, Driveway Contractors, among others
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Illescas Construction specializes in robust, long-lasting masonry work, adding durability and aesthetics to landscapes.

Brookfield’s landscape scene is a rich tapestry of skill, dedication, and artistry. Each company, with its unique strengths, ensures that the town’s outdoor spaces remain enchanting. Whether you are revamping your backyard or embarking on a commercial landscaping project, Brookfield’s best are sure to deliver outstanding results.

Written by Mobb

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