Industrial Titans of the Golden State: 15 Innovative Manufacturing Companies in California

October 9, 2023

1. Inklocker

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    Inklocker serves as the AWS for custom-manufacturing, presenting a decentralized global network of on-demand manufacturers. This game-changing approach has poised it as a leader in the manufacturing landscape.

2. Texino

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    Offering rentals, custom builds, and an avant-garde share model, Texino is on a mission to redefine outdoor experiences through innovative manufacturing solutions.

3. DermLite

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    A pioneering force in dermatoscopy, DermLite facilitates advanced epiluminescence microscopy, standing at the intersection of health and cutting-edge manufacturing.


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    In the realm of cable and electromechanical subassemblies, CTEMS has cemented its position, catering to both contract manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers with precision and expertise.

5. Business and Pleasure

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    From beach umbrellas to stylish coolers, Business and Pleasure is breathing life and luxury into everyday items, proving that industrial manufacturing can be both functional and fashionable.

6. Conscious Container

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    Tackling the pressing issue of single-use packaging waste, Conscious Container innovates with a refillable glass bottle system, merging sustainability with top-tier manufacturing.

7. A & B Enterprises

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    Beyond borders, A. B. Enterprises brings its manufacturing prowess to California, offering quality PVC strip curtains, hand dryers, and soap dispensers.

8. Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

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    American-made and designed for the rigorous demands of the industrial sector, Raptor Blaster’s abrasive blast cabinets are a testament to superior craftsmanship.

9. Diamond River

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    Specializing in aluminium goods, Diamond River showcases the versatility and strength of this metal, producing products that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Filtration Machinery

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    As the name suggests, Filtration Machinery stands at the forefront of filtering solutions, delivering compact oil purifiers and filtration products that meet exacting standards.

11. Procan Labs

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    Venturing into the green gold rush, Procan Labs offers stabilized cannabis products such as oils and terpenes to licensed manufacturers, marrying tradition with modern manufacturing.

12. BeeMetal

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    In the quest for non-reactive metal powders, BeeMetal emerges as a leader, transforming the way industries view and utilize metals.

13. Symphony CrescendoAI
Empowering domain experts with novel insights and intelligent decision-making capabilities, Symphony CrescendoAI is building a platform that’s set to revolutionize industries.

14. DHE Lab

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    With a focus on IC analysis, DHE Lab utilizes avant-garde technologies to offer design consultancy and board reliability testing, ensuring electronics function flawlessly.

15. Intrepid Bioprocess Technologies

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    Representing biotechnology equipment manufacturers, Intrepid Bioprocess Technologies offers holistic solutions, equipment, and systems, heralding a new era in biotech manufacturing.

From eco-friendly initiatives to groundbreaking tech solutions, California’s industrial manufacturing companies continue to set unparalleled standards. Watch this space as they lead the charge into a brighter, more innovative future.

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