Indianapolis Consulting Startups: Shaping Business Progress across America

January 27, 2024

Indianapolis, Indiana, the Crossroads of America, is home to a number of innovative startups that have surfaced in 2020 and beyond. These up-and-coming companies span a wide range of industries, yet all share a common trait – each one is creating a significant impact within its market niche. In this article, we will spotlight some of the remarkable startups operating in the Consulting industry and headquartered in Indianapolis.

From information technology, finance, and health care to accounting and marketing, these innovative startups offer unique solutions to new and existing challenges in their respective fields. Powered by the passionate, dedicated entrepreneurial spirits with a vision of how things can be done better, they are creating businesses that leave a lasting impact.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these rising startups, their origins, and the work they do:

Humankind Technologies

Founded by Tarika Marshall, Humankind Technologies is a consulting enterprise that specializes in information technology and software. Their focus is on digital technology ethics and consultancy. You can learn more about their services on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

J. Galt Finance Suite

Under the leadership of founder William Cole Wyant, J. Galt Finance Suite operates in the business development, consulting, credit, and venture capital industries. Their services can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Med 1 Solutions

Med 1 Solutions specializes in consulting for the healthcare and payment industries. They can be located on Facebook and LinkedIn.

MaxPoint Advisors

MaxPoint Advisors offers consulting and advice in accounting, and financial services. They strive to overcome challenges and assist clients in achieving goals. Streamlining their services, they communicate their offerings through their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Edge Channel Partners

Working in business development and management consulting, Edge Channel Partners forges their path in their sector, showcasing their offerings on their LinkedIn profile.

High Alpha Innovation

Founded by Elliott Parker, High Alpha Innovation offers consulting, enterprise software, innovation management, and venture capital services. They are a dynamic mix of company creators, designers, and strategists working to build, invest in and scale venture studios and advantaged startups. Discover more about them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC)

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County provides consulting services in the healthcare and hospital sectors. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Catalyst Endeavors

Steve Armstrong’s venture, Catalyst Endeavors, leads the Indianapolis market in customer acquisition & service. They take pride in their team-centered, energetic approach to direct marketing and sales. Learn more about the company on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Field of Talent

Field of Talent, the brainchild of David Anderson, offers RPO recruitment, talent acquisition consulting, sourcing, and staffing services. More about their solutions can be found on LinkedIn.


A-BRIDGE operates in the aerospace, consulting, industrial, and product design sectors, providing passenger boarding bridge refurbishment and installation services. You can learn more about their innovative solutions on LinkedIn.

Each of these startups exemplifies the bright, innovative spirit of entrepreneurship in the thriving city of Indianapolis. Their groundbreaking ideas and distinctive solutions mark them as crucial contributors to their respective industries. Watch out for these startups; they are sure signs of exciting developments to come!

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