iLogos: Short Story Of The Company

November 29, 2022
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iLogos is a private game development company that is actively involved in the creation of popular mobile games. Almost every phone has applications installed by the creators of the company. If you count, then in the entire history of its existence, the creators of iLogos managed to release more than 420 projects that are still successful and very popular. Some of them are at the top of the list of favorite games for teenagers and adults. The three most famous projects from iLogos are “Shadow Fight”, “Vector” and “Megapolis”.

The creation of the company began in 2006, when the first video game development office was opened in Lugansk. The developers, and there are several of them, believed from the very beginning that the company would be very successful. After a while, iLogos began to gain popularity, expanded beyond the borders of its country, and also placed offices in other cities of Ukraine and beyond this country (for example, there is an operating office in Germany, in Hamburg).

iLogos features

You can’t go anywhere without special offers for those who work in the company itself. In general, the IT industry has always been highly valued and rewarded. The company’s employees themselves are sure that their life has only become brighter and more interesting with the advent of such a unique place. The features of the company are as follows:

  1. This is not a job but a real hobby. There is no monotonous work here, from which it becomes boring, and you want to run home as soon as possible. Every time, developers are faced with interesting tasks that literally decorate and color their lives.
  2. The team, of course, consists of professionals, creative programmers who love to play games and write codes, managers, and talented artists and designers. This means that absolutely everyone is united by one goal, and this is already the key to success.
  3. The workplace is designed so that you can relax at the same time if you feel tired or bad. The office is designed in an informal style: there are beds and sofas, and even a corner for tea/coffee drinking.
  4. The professionalism of the company consists of the ability to perform their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. All employees do not even know what a deadline is, as they always manage to complete any work in advance, no matter how laborious it may be. The tasks in the company are different: from writing special codes to creating a unique character in the game.
  5. Each time all employees take corporate programming courses how to improve their IT-skill. In general, personal development is very important when you take part in a company that is known throughout the world.

The company actively positions itself as a close-knit friendly team, and not as a commercial organization. The company always calls itself a “real family” and hopes that it will never collapse. This family is at the peak of popularity because the whole world knows their games, which occupy the first lines in various ratings.

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