Illinois-Based Analytics Startups Revolutionizing the US Business Landscape

December 19, 2023

Illinois is no stranger to nurturing innovative startups that are doing remarkable work in their respective industries. In recent years, the influx of companies coming out of Illinois, specifically those founded in or after 2020 in the analytics industry, has been impressive. These companies are leveraging top-notch technologies to solve some of today’s most pressing issues, be it in sports, financial services, healthcare, or advertising. They are trailblazers in their sectors, reinventing the use of analytics to craft innovative strategies and offer smarter solutions.

These startups have scaled globally not only because of their ingenious ideas but also due to a thriving ecosystem within Illinois. The state offers a robust amalgamation of local talent, access to funding, and a vibrant networking culture. Let’s discover the impressive work done by these Illinois-based startups in the analytics industry.

Please find more details below, including background information, the founders, the core services offered, as well as their products and platforms.


Trajektory aggregates and analyzes sponsorship data from dozens of sources, providing access to accurate and integrity-driven sponsorship data across digital and non-digital assets. By evaluating sponsorships holistically and in real-time, our customers can retire over $100K on legacy vendor spend, save over 1,200 hours a year on data preparation, and report on nearly 100% of their sponsorship portfolio.

Built by industry professionals who have sat in your seats, our commitment to integrity and innovation ensures that you stay ahead in the game, transforming your sponsorship strategies into success stories that resonate. With better insights, Trajektory customers optimize their sponsorship decision-making and maximize revenue.

Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility is another standout startup based in Chicago. This company offers a crypto options analytics platform used by traders to capture alpha. For those interested, feel free to check out their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Flats or Spikes

The Champaign-based company, Flats or Spikes, was founded by Brent Trenhaile and Paul Miller. Specializing in sports analytics, the startup provides a data capture and data science solution for distance runners and professional endurance sports teams. Its LinkedIn profile provides additional information about the company.


Based in Chicago, Metric is a company operating in the analytics, computer database, and software industry. Founded by Megan Murday, Metric has carved out a unique position in this industry. Their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles provide more information about the company’s services and latest updates.

Health Blockchain Security Services

Founded by Daniel Addison, Health Blockchain Security Services, another Chicago-based startup, combines blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and predictive analytics. It offers an application platform that provides cybersecurity operational analytics and uses advanced predictive modeling. Its Facebook and LinkedIn pages provide further information.


Headquartered in Bloomington, FirmTRAK was founded by Carin Weiss-krolikowski, Richard Marvel, and Ryan Oltman. The startup offers cutting-edge solutions related to accounting, analytics, and financial services. You can find more about their activities on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.


Chicago-based MediaBrain is a startup that specialises in advertising, analytics, and data visualization among other domains. Founded by Nick Ellis, MediaBrain delivers cloud-based solutions enabling users to derive actionable insights from their data. Visit their LinkedIn profile to learn more about their projects.

Bull Tongue Tech

Bull Tongue Tech is a startup located in Chicago dedicated to analytics, education, market research, and retirement services. The Twitter handle provides additional information about the company’s offerings and latest updates.


Based in Chicago, Optistics was founded by Brett Fritz and Javier Ultreras. This startup offers a predictions-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more insights into their services.

MN Engineering Solutions

MN Engineering Solutions, founded by Naresh Arunagiri and Madhan Kumar Paramahamsan, is a Chicago-based startup operating in the industrial automation, industrial engineering, and predictive analytics sectors. More information about the company can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles


Founded by Michael Haniff in Chicago, INTELLIC.AI is a leader in bringing affordable solutions for implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning-based algorithms in the healthcare sector. The startup’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin provide further insights into its initiatives and developments.

These are just some of the top-notch analytics startups in Illinois that have emerged from 2020. As they continue to grow and innovate, they will undoubtedly contribute to the network of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes Illinois. These startups demonstrate that with the right blend of talent, technology, and ambition, startups can transform industries and make a significant impact on society.

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