Houston’s Rising Retail Stars: Spotlight on Texas-based US Startups

January 29, 2024

The world of startups is fast-paced and dynamic. Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, numerous innovative startups have been created and continue to thrive. In this installment of our series highlighting US-based startups, we turn our attention to Houston, Texas. A bustling, diverse city with a thriving economy, Houston has long been associated with energy and space industries. However, retail industry startups, with a focus on e-commerce, are increasingly gaining momentum in this vibrant metropolis. Many of these companies were launched in 2020 or later, providing new, innovative solutions in retail and related industries. Here are some standout examples:

As we delve into these companies, we find a common thread. Besides being founded recently and headquartered in Houston, these startups are capitalizing on the growth of online purchasing and digital services. Through their creativity and innovation, they address various facets of the retail industry, offering new platforms, consumer products, and services such as personal care items, office supplies, clothing, and even non-alcoholic spirits.

While it is still early days for these startups, their diverse offerings and commitment to advancement provide a fascinating snapshot of the entrepreneurial spirit in Houston. Let’s explore these companies further:

Wadaaa Marketplace

A member of the E-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail, and Wholesale industries, Wadaaa Marketplace is an emerging startup bringing a fresh and innovative approach to the retail industry.


Leveraging the power of e-commerce, AM APPAREL is a fashion-forward retail company. They offer a diverse range of products, from formal wear to casual clothing and accessories, all readily available online.


Founded by Uchechukwu Jacob Ajuzie, BIGSHIPMENT is poised to make a big splash in the Retail, Shipping, E-Commerce, Logistics, and Air Transportation industries. Their commitment is to ensure safe and timely global shipping, particularly in and out of Africa.


Americanstar is a multi-faceted startup operating in the Consumer, Innovation Management, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Retail sectors. With their broad industry involvement, they are a company to watch.


Chemaris is a game-changer in the Chemical, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. Their innovative approach ensures that there are exciting times ahead for this Houston-based startup.


Allvendi is a beauty-focused retail startup that brings together the best of men’s personal care, grooming, and beauty products under one virtual roof. Their customer-centric strategy is rooted in excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.


Co-founded by Brooke S. Sinclair, Velourit is a SaaS company providing a B2B supply chain platform for the import/export industry, particularly for cross-border e-commerce. Their goal is to revolutionize the way the world thinks about international trade.


OfficeCurb is an office supply company offering a wide range of products, from stationery and electronics to cleaning essentials. Their experience and dedication to quality ensure that businesses get the best products at the best prices.

Cut Above Zero Proof Spirits

Founded by Andrew Raul Solis, Cut Above Zero Proof Spirits is an innovative startup in the Food and Beverage, Retail, and Wine and Spirits industries. They create non-alcoholic beverages that provide the taste and sensation of liquor without the alcohol or calories.

LBC International

LBC International is a retail startup that prioritizes face-to-face customer meetings. They provide a suite of services that include product training, daily reporting, sales revenue tracking, customer acquisition, and more.


Lastly, BitCake, a startup founded by Ana Shah, Binal Shah, Maureen McNally, and Shane Cormier, operates in the Art, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Film, Information Technology, Internet, Marketplace, Mobile, Music, and Retail industries. BitCake’s goal is to create a next-generation marketplace for artists and collectors, secured with blockchain technology.

These startups, while in their early stages, are demonstrating fresh, unique ideas and bold approaches to meeting customer needs in the retail industry. It’s exciting to foresee the impact they’re certain to make in Houston and beyond. The retail universe, with Houston at its forefront, continues to expand.

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