Holiday Marketing Strategies To Increase Store Sales

Holiday Marketing Strategies To Increase Store Sales

Now that the fall season is in full swing, many businesses are busy preparing for the holiday shopping season. If you’re unsure what to plan for your holiday promotions, we can help inspire with trends many businesses follow. Here are several holiday marketing strategies to increase store sales this year.

Create Holiday Gift Guides

Make shopping easier for your customers by providing them with gift inspiration and bundles. Highlight products from your inventory that would make great gifts, then place these items or bundles near your store’s entrance or point of sale to increase purchases. If you have an online store, include a call to action and links to collection pages full of gift inspiration in your holiday marketing. Holiday gift guides are perfect for attaching to holiday emails, social media posts, and more to catch your customers’ attention.

Offer Shopping Incentives and Goals

If you’re looking for ways to increase the amount spent per customer, consider creating a spending goal with incentives for when customers reach a certain amount. For example, when customers spend 50 dollars at your store, you could throw in a free gift or product with their purchase. Choose practical giveaway promotions and items such as branded hats, clothing and apparel, home and office supplies, and more. You want your giveaway items to incentivize customers to keep spending to hit the goal, so choose high-quality items that your customers will love.

Plan Holiday Discounts

Customers often wait to do their holiday shopping during certain times of the year when retailers offer discounts. If your retail store doesn’t offer discounts and promotions during the holiday season, customers might overlook your store in favor of your competitors that have discounts. Plan your discounts in advance so you know exactly what will fit into your budget. Offering even 10 percent discounts or small, daily discounts will attract more customers than offering nothing. Remember to include updates about your holiday sales in your holiday marketing like emails, text messages, and flyers.

As your business prepares for the holiday shopping season, remember these holiday marketing strategies to increase store sales. These promotions can help you increase sales and attract new customers during the busiest shopping season of the year.

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