Heroes of the Frontline: Exceptional Emergency Care in Coupeville, WA

August 15, 2023

Douglas McKee, MD: The Experienced Hand

As a seasoned professional, Dr. McKee plays a pivotal role in the emergency room. With expertise in handling high-pressure situations, he is an invaluable asset to the WhidbeyHealth team.

Brenden Hansen, MD: The Calm in the Storm

Dr. Hansen brings a composed demeanor to chaotic emergency room situations, ensuring every patient receives thoughtful and efficient care.

Nicholas Perera, MD: Master of Urgency

With a razor-sharp focus, Dr. Perera serves at WhidbeyHealth, where he excels at swiftly diagnosing and treating patients in need.

John Plastino, MD: The Compassionate Caregiver

Dr. Plastino, another outstanding member of the WhidbeyHealth team, stands out for his empathetic and patient-centered approach.

Zachary Phelps, MD: The Innovator

Dr. Phelps constantly seeks innovative solutions for emergency patient care, improving both efficiency and outcomes.

Tara Lea Montgomery, DO: The Holistic Healer

With her DO background, Dr. Montgomery brings a unique, holistic perspective to emergency care, considering all aspects of a patient’s health in her approach.

Lora Cork, ARNP: The Trusted Advisor

Lora Cork, as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, plays an integral role in patient care, combining clinical expertise with a nurturing touch.

Dr. Matthew Russell, MD: The Clinical Craftsman

Known for his precise and skillful approach, Dr. Russell is a beacon of professionalism and clinical acumen.

Dr. Donald Slack, MD: The Seasoned Veteran

With years of experience under his belt, Dr. Slack offers a wealth of knowledge and a reassuring presence during emergencies.

North Sound Emergency Medicine – Everett: A Commitment to Community

This dedicated team provides top-tier acute medical services, with a focus on integrity and long-term dedication to the community they serve.
North Sound Emergency Medicine

Einstein, Arunachalam MD: The Analytical Mind

With a name that evokes genius, Dr. Einstein brings a meticulous and logical approach to patient care.

Dr. Cynthia A Markus, MD: The Steady Navigator

Dr. Markus, serving at Providence, has a solid reputation for guiding her patients through their medical journey with care and precision.

Kari Fitzsimmons, MD: The Patient Advocate

Dr. Fitzsimmons, part of United Healthcare Services and Everett Clinic, is known for her patient-centric approach to emergency care.
Kari Fitzsimmons, MD

Lamin Ceesay, MD: The Global Perspective

Dr. Ceesay, also with United Healthcare Services, brings international experience and a broad perspective to emergency care.
Lamin Ceesay, MD

Jing-Hui (Alan) A. Li, MD: The Empathetic Advisor

Dr. Li believes in patient autonomy, serving as a trusted advisor who explains options clearly and respects patient choices.
Jing-Hui (Alan) A. Li, MD

In Coupeville, WA, and its surrounding areas, a cohort of remarkable emergency care physicians and healthcare professionals stands ready to respond when disaster strikes. They serve as true heroes of the frontline, demonstrating daily their commitment to saving lives and serving their community. This article pays homage to these dedicated professionals, who continuously put patients first and strive for excellence in their field.

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