Harnessing the Power of Compassion: Unraveling the Social Services Industry in Brandon, FL

July 25, 2023

As a vibrant city in the Tampa Bay area, Brandon, Florida, hosts a diverse array of social service providers that bolster community strength. These organizations offer a safety net for families, children, seniors, and others, providing valuable assistance and uplifting the community’s most vulnerable members.

Heaven Sent Child Care

As its name suggests, Heaven Sent Child Care is a godsend for parents seeking quality childcare services. It offers a spectrum of services including day care, preschool education, and other child care services, making it a trusted partner for parents juggling work and family life.

Brandon Outreach Clinic Incorporated

Ensuring the community’s health and well-being, Brandon Outreach Clinic Incorporated operates as a free clinic and charity organization. Besides providing medical services, it also acts as a safety net for underprivileged families who may not have access to regular healthcare.

Chamber Of Commerce Greater Brandon

The Chamber Of Commerce Greater Brandon operates as a pivotal nonprofit and social service entity in the region. It’s a hub that connects businesses, organizations, and associations, fostering an environment conducive to economic growth and community development.

Sylvia Thomas Center

Offering an array of family-centered services, the Sylvia Thomas Center navigates complex social service landscapes. Its donations are processed through this PayPal link, indicating a charity organization’s functional aspect.

Hawthorne Village Estates

Hawthorne Village Estates and its sister organization, Hawthorne Village of Brandon, provide a myriad of services, including long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, and assisted living options. They’ve been a community pillar for 15 years, ensuring quality care and safety for their residents.

Brandon Senior Center

An essential resource for older citizens, the Brandon Senior Center fosters a vibrant and supportive community for seniors. It offers an array of services, from social activities to critical care services.

New Horizon Group Home

New Horizon Group Home serves as a beacon of support for individuals needing residential care. As a nonprofit organization, it provides residents with a stable, supportive environment.


A KID’S PLACE OF TAMPA BAY, INC. champions the welfare of children, providing vital foster care services. The organization strives to ensure every child experiences the love, safety, and stability that a home environment should provide.

Bay Area Behavioral Services

Serving children and adolescents, Bay Area Behavioral Services offers psychiatric health sessions to address various mental health issues, playing an integral role in the community’s psychological well-being.

Family First Homecare

True to its name, Family First Homecare prioritizes the well-being of families, providing home health care services for pediatric and geriatric patients. They offer transparent, dedicated care that makes a difference in their patients’ lives.

Quest Inc

Quest Inc operates as a social services organization, although no further description or website is provided. Its inclusion in the social services sector indicates its contribution to the community’s support framework.

Cheer Counseling

Offering mental health services, Cheer Counseling provides immediate appointments for a range of issues, from relationship stress to anxiety, depression, and more. It emphasizes old-fashioned care, valuing the importance of mental health in overall well-being.

Brandon Septic

While primarily a commercial business, Brandon Septic contributes to the community’s social services by ensuring a clean and safe environment through their septic system services.

Spectrum Community Svc

Operating as a group home, Spectrum Community Svc offers residential care to those in need, although it currently does not have a provided website. This service reinforces the critical role of housing and care in maintaining a robust social services network.

The social services landscape in Brandon, Florida, is diverse and vibrant, reflecting the community’s commitment to uplift every member. These organizations are the lifeblood of the city, each playing a pivotal role in shaping a compassionate, supportive community.

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