Flourishing Tampa-Based Financial Startups Reshaping US Economic Landscape

January 28, 2024

Over the past year, several innovative startups have emerged within the US, particularly within the financial services industry. This industry has proven to be a hotspot for innovation and growth, with new companies continuously challenging traditional norms and setting new standards. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these exciting startups, all based in Tampa, Florida, and established in 2020 or later. From asset management to insurance, these companies are revolutionizing the financial services industry one innovation at a time.

Nestled on the West Coast of Florida, Tampa is not typically the first location that comes to mind when considering centers of innovation and entrepreneurship within the US. However, this rising city has seen a surge of startup activity over the last few years, driven by a thriving local economy, a supportive business community, and a growing pool of local talent. With a unique blend of industries represented, these startups are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vigor that is prevalent in this city.

Without further ado, let us dive into some of Tampa’s latest and most innovative financial services startups, all of which have been founded in 2020 or later, and are making a significant impact within their respective spaces.


Established by Stephanie Lee, Covercasa is an insurance startup aiming to bring full transparency to the home insurance market. Centred around its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, this innovative startup was founded in 2020 and has been shaking up the insurance sector ever since. To keep up with their progress, follow them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Darwin Partners

Darwin Partners, also based in Tampa, Florida, operates in the field of asset management, consulting, financial services, and wealth management. Although details about its founders and description is limited, Darwin Partners has been making waves in the financial services industry since its inception. Follow @DarwinPartners on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.


Despite scarce information on its founders and description, Anzuspac has been challenging the norms of the financial exchanges and stock exchanges sector since its establishment. Based in Tampa, Florida, keep an eye out for this burgeoning startup as it continues to grow and evolve.

Quantum FinTech Acquisition

Another impressive enterprise is Quantum FinTech Acquisition. This innovative firm has made its mission to identify high-growth financial services and FinTech businesses. Keep up with them on their LinkedIn for more updates.

Theron Properties

Operating in the real estate industry and financial services, Theron Properties has been an intriguing startup to watch since its establishment in 2020. Check out their LinkedIn page to learn more.

SP Global Ventures

Based in Tampa, SP Global Ventures is another notable startup shaking things up in the financial and real estate leasing industry since its inception in 2020. More details about this startup can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Carriage House Planning

Carriage House Planning is another startup worth mentioning. This wealth management and consulting firm has been making strides within the financial services industry. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.

Abalaris Business Ventures

Abalaris Business Ventures has also been a remarkable contributor to the financial services industry. Although limited information is available, this startup has been making its mark since its inception.

Expand Financial

The innovative firm founded by Blake Makholm, Ethan Deming, Ethan Finchum, and Vincent Della Rocca, Expand Financial, is shaping the future of financial literacy with its custom B2B SaaS products. Find out more by following them on LinkedIn.

Buckalew Financial Services

Driven by a mission to provide customers with secure financial futures, Buckalew Financial Services has been making significant strides in the financial services industry. Learn more about their journey and services on LinkedIn, Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @BuckalewLlc.


Bringing a novel approach to property insurance, Slide leverages artificial intelligence and Big Data to enhance the insurance process. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook to get the latest updates.

In summary, these startups are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative mindset. Each one, with their unique focus and approach, reinforces Tampa’s position as a burgeoning hub for startups within the financial services industry.

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