Florida’s Freight Front-runners: 15 Essential Freight Services Lighting Up the Sunshine State

October 31, 2023


  • Website: forceget.com
  • Specialty: A forerunner in Air Freight and Door to Door Deliveries, Forceget takes pride in its commitment to freight and warehousing services.

2. 1-800-Packouts

  • Website: 1800packouts.com
  • Specialty: A full-service pack-out dynamo, 1-800-Packouts masters the art of handling all your content needs seamlessly.

3. FlowTrans

  • Website: flowtransllc.com
  • Specialty: Operating within the niche of liquid food grade tanker transportation, FlowTrans is all about crafting customer-centric logistics solutions.

4. CURA Freight

  • Website: shipcura.com
  • Specialty: A holistic logistics provider, CURA Freight stands out with its rail drayage transportation, transloading, and warehousing prowess.

5. Tefco Transportation

  • Website: tefcotransportation.com
  • Specialty: A dominant player in the trucking world, Tefco Transportation is dedicated to top-tier trucking services.

6. Nirvana Logistics Corporation

  • Website: nirvanalogistics.com
  • Specialty: An embodiment of logistical excellence, Nirvana Logistics Corporation delivers sterling freight transportation and logistical services.

7. Freight Essentials

  • Website: freightessentials.com
  • Specialty: Carving a niche in freight forwarding, Freight Essentials is the go-to logistics firm for many businesses.

8. 1 Power Logistics

  • Website: 1powerlogistics.com
  • Specialty: Catering to a diverse clientele including manufacturers and healthcare providers, 1 Power Logistics is a beacon in the freight and transportation arena.

9. Zariz Transport

  • Website: zariztransport.com
  • Specialty: At the confluence of retail merchandise and freight services, Zariz Transport emerges as a top contender, also providing impeccable drayage services for shipments.

10. Tortuga Transport

  • Website: tortugatransport.com
  • Specialty: When it’s about truckload and hotshot freight transport services, Tortuga Transport claims its rightful place at the forefront.

11. RailUSA

  • Website: railusa.com
  • Specialty: Redefining the freight railroad landscape, RailUSA also extends its expertise in rail services management.

12. EZ Logistics & Shipping

  • Website: ezlogisticsandshipping.com
  • Specialty: Beyond the regular truckload and freight forwarding, this company also offers an array of transportation logistics and technology solutions.

13. To Go Cargo

  • Website: togocargo.com
  • Specialty: A stalwart in the domain, To Go Cargo is all about excellence in shipping and logistics services.

14. AFC Logistics

  • Website: afclogistics.com
  • Specialty: Steering the freight shipping industry, AFC Logistics is a name synonymous with reliability and professionalism.

15. Priano Marchelli USA

  • Website: prianousa.com
  • Specialty: With a diversified service palette, Priano Marchelli USA offers stellar services ranging from air freight to ocean export and warehousing.

Florida’s freight service industry is booming with innovative solutions and dedicated service providers. Each of the above companies brings a unique strength to the table, ensuring that the state’s transportation and logistics needs are met with precision and professionalism.

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