Farmington’s Flavors: A Journey Through Its Captivating Restaurant Landscape

Discover Farmington, MN’s Diverse Dining Scene: From Fast Food Giants to Local Culinary Marvels


Website: Subway

Subway, a renowned sandwich chain, operates two locations in Farmington. With a menu teeming with flavor, from traditional footlongs and 6″ sandwiches to vibrant salads, Subway is dedicated to providing fresh, health-conscious alternatives to fast food. Their extensive options cater to everyone’s taste buds, and the added convenience of online ordering, delivery, curbside pickup, and in-store dining elevates the customer experience. All their restaurants are independently owned, fostering a sense of community while providing employment to skilled sandwich artists.

Domino’s Pizza

Website: Domino’s Pizza

Home to classic pizzas, oven-baked sandwiches, and succulent buffalo wings, Domino’s Pizza is a beloved fast food icon in Farmington. Their constant specials and deals paired with the comfort of contactless delivery make Domino’s a go-to spot for pizza enthusiasts in town.

Pizza Hut

Website: Pizza Hut

Farmington’s Pizza Hut is a top contender in the local pizza scene. With signature dishes like Meat Lovers® and Original Stuffed Crust® and a plethora of wings, pastas, and desserts, Pizza Hut successfully mixes classic and creative. The restaurant provides online and mobile app ordering, along with carryout, curbside, and delivery options for customer convenience.

Dairy Queen

Website: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is the local fast-food chain that brings joy through soft-serve ice cream, shakes, burgers, and fries. Renowned for its delicious ice cream cakes and Blizzard treats, DQ is a sweet treat destination for many in Farmington.


Website: McDonald’s

McDonald’s, the world-famous fast-food chain, continues to serve its global favorites in Farmington while prioritizing safety during the pandemic. Customers can enjoy contactless ordering through the Drive-Thru, McDonald’s app, and McDelivery®. The restaurant adheres to safety regulations, mandating mask-wearing for customers and crew in high transmission areas, and has implemented additional protective measures like deep cleaning and safety shields.

Farmington Steak House Inc

Website: Facebook

Farmington Steak House Inc. is an acclaimed American Restaurant and Steakhouse where patrons enjoy hearty, satisfying meals. Although no official website is available, you can find their updates and promotions on their Facebook page.

Bourbon Butcher Kitchen + Bar

Website: Bourbon Butcher

Bourbon Butcher Kitchen + Bar, a local favorite, offers a unique dining experience. More details about this American restaurant, cocktail bar, and whisky bar can be found on their website.

Long Branch Saloon & Eatery

Website: Long Branch Saloon

Long Branch Saloon & Eatery is a popular destination for fans of American cuisine. The restaurant also serves breakfast and brunch, making it a versatile dining location in Farmington.

Carbone’s Pizzeria

Website: Carbone’s Pizzeria

Carbone’s Pizzeria is a celebrated pizza place and bar & grill. It’s a comfortable spot for those seeking American food and pizza in a relaxed environment.

The Ugly Mug

Website: The Ugly Mug

The Ugly Mug, a sports bar that serves American cuisine, provides a lively atmosphere for patrons. With a bar and grill, it’s a great place to unwind and enjoy a meal.

Farmington Tap House & Grill

Website: Farmington Tap House

Farmington Tap House & Grill is a pub, sports bar, and American restaurant that offers a comfortable setting for meals and entertainment.


Website: PIZZA MAN

Pizza Man is a multi-faceted establishment, combining a pizza place, sports bar, and bar & grill. Notably, it also has a vegetarian menu, making it a versatile restaurant for different dietary preferences.

Farm Town Brew Hall

Although no website or specific description is provided, Farm Town Brew Hall is listed as a restaurant in Farmington, indicating another local dining option for residents and visitors alike.

Big Sombrero Mexican Restaurant

Big Sombrero Mexican Restaurant stands as a testament to the culinary diversity in Farmington. Despite the lack of a website or detailed description, the fact that it is classified as a restaurant piques interest for anyone seeking Mexican cuisine.

The Farmington restaurant scene is as diverse and dynamic as its residents, with options ranging from fast-food favorites to local gastronomic gems. The city is indeed a culinary landscape to explore, promising an enticing journey through food. Whether you’re looking for a classic footlong sandwich, a cheesy slice of pizza, or an unforgettable steak dinner, Farmington has it all.

Written by Mobb

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