Faithful Foundations: The Mosaic of Religious Organizations in Branford, CT

August 1, 2023

Short Beach Church

Categories: Church, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations

Dedicated to fostering spiritual growth and communion, Short Beach Church stands as a beacon for the community. While details on its origins remain shrouded, its commitment to unity and spiritual elevation is undeniable.
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Tabor Lutheran Church

Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Organizations

With a proud Lutheran heritage, the Tabor Lutheran Church has been a cornerstone in Branford, CT. Its doors are always open to those seeking spiritual sustenance and guidance.
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Christ Church Anglican

Categories: Anglican Church, Religious Organization

Embodying the principles of the Anglican faith, Christ Church Anglican serves as a spiritual refuge and a space for worship and reflection.
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Branford Evangelical Free Church

Categories: Church, religion, Evangelical Church, Religious Organizations, Religious Center

A space where evangelic values are deeply rooted, this church has long been a hub for worshipers to gather, connect, and deepen their faith.
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Community Baptist Church Of Branford

Categories: Baptist Church, Religious Organization, Pastors, Church, Our, Religious Organizations

A Baptist church with a vision rooted in the teachings of Christ, and a mission to reach out and serve the community in love.
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Trinity Episcopal Church Of Branford – Office

Categories: Episcopal Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Organizations

With its deep Episcopal roots, Trinity Church has been an enduring emblem of faith in Branford.
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Vox Church – Branford

Categories: Church, Religious Organization, Christian church

Echoing the message of love and salvation, Vox Church-Branford has been an epicenter of Christian teachings and worship.
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Jehovah’s Witnesses

Categories: Place of worship, Organizations, Magazines, and many more

A global community with unique beliefs and practices, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Branford emphasize teachings from the Bible, with a special focus on community and outreach.
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St Elizabeth’s Rectory

Categories: Church, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations

Another hallmark of Branford’s spiritual landscape, St Elizabeth’s Rectory has a longstanding history in fostering spiritual growth.
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Benedictines Of Jesus Crucified

Categories: Religious organization, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations

This religious organization epitomizes dedication, prayer, and service in Branford.
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St Stephens Ame Zion Church

Categories: African Methodist Episcopal Church, Religious Center, and more

St. Stephens is a radiant symbol of the African Methodist Episcopal tradition, bringing together a community with shared beliefs and a passion for worship.
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Monastary-The Glorious Cross

Categories: Religious organization

A sanctuary for those dedicated to a life of contemplation and prayer, the Monastery stands as a serene testament to faith.
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St Mary Convent

Categories: Religious organization

An institution dedicated to the service and spiritual upliftment of its community.
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St. Mary Church (St. John Bosco Parish)

Categories: Catholic Church, Religious Organization

Part of the St. John Bosco Parish, St. Mary Church remains a touchstone for Catholic believers in Branford.
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St Marys Church Of Branford

Categories: Catholic Church, Religious Center, Church

A pillar of Catholic faith in Branford, St Mary’s Church is dedicated to service, worship, and community outreach.
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Branford, CT offers a diverse array of religious organizations, each bringing its unique flavor of spirituality, community service, and teachings. Delve into each, and you’ll find a heartwarming tapestry of faith, hope, and love.

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