Faithful Foundations: Breckenridge’s Diverse Religious Tapestry

July 28, 2023

Valley Christian Assembly
Categories: Evangelical Church, Religious Organization, Christian church, Church

A vibrant hub for Christian fellowship, the Valley Christian Assembly is a cornerstone of Breckenridge’s Evangelical community.

Lutheran Church Breckenridge
Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Organization, Church, Breckenridge Lutheran Church

Centrally placed in the heart of Breckenridge, this church stands tall as a testament to Lutheran traditions and teachings.

Grace Lutheran Church-Breckenridge
Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church, Local Business, Religious Organizations

A bastion of grace, this church offers services and community events for locals and visitors alike.

Inspiration Lutheran Brethren Church
Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church

Living up to its name, this church inspires its congregation with moving sermons and a welcoming community.

First Baptist Church
Categories: Religious Center, Religious Organization, Baptist Church

A hub for the Baptist community, the First Baptist Church brings biblical teachings to the heart of Breckenridge.

Jehovah’s Witnesses
Description & Categories: This unique religious organization not only offers spiritual teachings but also provides resources ranging from online Bible studies to articles about human rights and spiritual care.

St Marys Catholic Church – Rectory
Categories: Catholic Church, Church

A landmark of Catholic worship in Breckenridge, St Marys offers regular Mass and sacramental services.

St Johns Catholic Church – Parish Office
Categories: Catholic Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church

Offering spiritual guidance and community support, St Johns stands as a beacon of the Catholic faith in Breckenridge.

St Johns Child Care Center
Categories: Day care center, Service, Family, Individual, Church, Catholic Church, Child Care Services, Domestic Services

More than just a church, St Johns offers dedicated child care services, nurturing the next generation of faithful.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations

A stronghold of Lutheran worship, Immanuel Church also serves as a hub for community events and gatherings.

New Life Christian Center
Categories: Full Gospel Church, Church of God, Religious Organization, Church, Full Gospel Churches, Religious Organizations, Religious Center

New Life Christian Center represents a blend of Gospel teachings and lively worship services, infusing Breckenridge with spiritual energy.

Bethel Lutheran Church – Office
Categories: Lutheran Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Organizations

Bethel Lutheran Church stands as a testament to Breckenridge’s deep Lutheran roots, offering both spiritual guidance and a close-knit community.

Church Of Jesus MSN Of Lds
Categories: Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

A representative of the Latter-day Saints, this church brings the teachings of the LDS community to Breckenridge.

Bible Baptist Church
Categories: Baptist church, Church, Local Business, Bible Church

Dedicated to biblical teachings, the Bible Baptist Church serves as a place of worship and community for Breckenridge’s Baptist community.

Calvary Apostolic Church
Categories: Apostolic Church, Pentecostal Church, Religious Organization, Religious Organizations

A church rooted in Apostolic and Pentecostal traditions, Calvary Apostolic offers spirited worship and fellowship for its congregation.

With such a diverse range of religious organizations, Breckenridge is truly a melting pot of faiths, offering spiritual homes for everyone.

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