Faith in Focus: A Closer Look at Religious Organizations in Broken Arrow, OK

July 30, 2023

Praise and Worship Church

PWC invites all to experience the love of God through their unique worship services. Catering to everyone who feels a deep connection with the Lord, PWC has solidified its place as a welcoming Christian sanctuary.

Church on the Move Broken Arrow

Dedicated to introducing people to the real Jesus, Church on the Move offers a dynamic mix of worship, children’s services, youth services, and community groups. Their mission and values revolve around a deep commitment to Jesus, the arts, community, and social engagement.

The Salvation Army – Boys & Girls Clubs Community Centers, Broken Arrow

Going beyond just religious services, the Boys & Girls Club, under The Salvation Army, offers valuable after-school programs. Aimed at nurturing and developing young minds, these programs are accessible to every child.

The Foundry @ Heritage

Categories: Methodist Church, Religious Organization
The Foundry stands as a testament to Methodist faith and values, offering a unique spiritual experience for its community.

Florence Street Baptist Church

Rooted in Baptist principles, Florence Street Baptist Church is a beacon for worshippers seeking a traditional and community-centric church environment.

Indian Springs Baptist Church

Categories: Local Business, Baptist Church, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations
Indian Springs Baptist Church combines faith with community engagement, making it an integral part of the local Broken Arrow religious landscape.

Forest Ridge Baptist Church

Catering to a wide audience, Forest Ridge Baptist Church offers services and events that cater to both contemporary and traditional worshippers.

Grace Free Will Baptist Church

A cornerstone of faith in Broken Arrow, Grace Free Will Baptist Church welcomes all to explore and deepen their connection with God.

Our Finest Hour Church

A modern approach to worship, Our Finest Hour Church aims to connect and uplift its community through faith-filled services and events.

Blessings International

Bridging the gap between faith and service, Blessings International offers medical supplies while also serving as a religious organization.

Open Door Church of Christ

Open Door invites everyone to experience the teachings of Christ in an inclusive and warm environment.

Anthem Church

As a contemporary Christian Church, Anthem is all about vibrant worship, community involvement, and spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Life Demonstration Church

Joining hands with New Creation Church, Life Demonstration Church focuses on fostering strong relationships among its community members, promoting unity and togetherness.

Word of Life Baptist Church

Staying true to Baptist teachings, Word of Life offers spiritual guidance and support to its dedicated community.

Redemption Tulsa

Categories: Church, Religious Organizations
A place of spiritual rejuvenation and rediscovery, Redemption Tulsa welcomes everyone to explore faith on their terms.

In the rich religious fabric of Broken Arrow, each organization offers its unique perspective and approach to faith. Whether you’re seeking traditional worship, community outreach, or contemporary services, there’s a place for everyone in this diverse religious landscape.

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