Exploring Washington DC’s Exciting New Software Startups in the US

January 26, 2024

The U.S. startup ecosystem is as diverse as it is dynamic. With new companies emerging every day, the energy and innovation they bring are transforming industries far and wide. In this article, we look at some remarkable startups, established in 2020 or later, in the software industry based in the Washington D.C area. These startups are applying cutting-edge technology to address various opportunities, applying tech insights to fields including Education, Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, and more.

From developing a platform that integrates with Zoom to make online teaching more efficient to creating a safe digital space for sharing human experiences, these startups are all tackling unique problems. The District of Columbia, known for its influential milieu and vibrant tech scene, serves to be the perfect launchpad for these ambitious projects. Coupled with the passion and creativity inherent in their founders, these startups are making remarkable strides within their respective sectors.

Thoughtfully curated, this list provides an introduction to each startup, coupled with links to their websites and social media pages, to give our readers a detailed overview of these potential game-changers. Read on to know more about these enterprising startups that have sprung from the heart of the U.S. capital. Their audacious problem-solving and pioneering technologies stand inspiring and are an affirmation of the constant innovation integral to the American dream.

Class Technologies

Founded by Michael Chasen and Wesley Boyer, Class Technologies is revolutionizing the domain of e-learning. With a unique product, Class for Zoom, which integrates the Class software with Zoom Meetings, teachers can efficiently conduct a host of academic activities online like taking attendance, handing out assignments, conducting quizzes or tests, grading work, proctoring exams, or having a one-on-one chat with students. Connect with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @weareclasstech.


Co-founded by Max Jegorovcev and Sergey Jermakov, Graip operates in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology. For further updates from this promising startup, you can visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @graipai.


Launched by founders Jimi Tele, Lauren Smith, and Walter Mitchell, Chekmate is a unique dating app that seamlessly blends online and offline dating experiences. Offering a dynamic messaging experience with voice and video interaction in lieu of traditional texting, Chekmate makes date planning easier while showcasing innovative security features. Connect with Chekmate on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @chekmateapp.

Construct Capital

Founded by Dayna Grayson and Rachel Holt, Construct Capital is a venture capital firm that makes early-stage investments in technology solutions that address customer demands in major sectors like manufacturing, supply chain, food, and transportation. Find them on LinkedIn and at @constructcap.

Platinum Technologies

Founder Jermon Bafaty’s Platinum Technologies operates in the fields of IT Infrastructure and IT Management. You can find more information about the company on their LinkedIn page.

Agile Boost

Specializing in Application Performance Management and Data Integration, Agile Boost is a key player making inroads in its respective domain. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @boostagile.


Founded by Benjamin Villamayor, Marcos Di Julio Lancini, Rafael David Rodríguez Malave, and Reza Mehran Nejad, Opame operates in the fields of Apps, Information Technology, and Mobile Apps. Stay updated about Opame by following their LinkedIn page and @OpameInc.


As a company specializing in Analytics and Information Technology, Datalytix is making a significant impact within its sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn and @DatalytixGlobal for the latest updates.

Count My Health

Offering programming essential for making lifestyle changes and improving health outcomes, Count My Health is a promising startup in Education, Health Care, Nutrition, and Software. Their services include care management, data tracking, and reporting. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @countmyhealth.


With a mission to inspire empathy through the power of storytelling, Huemon provides a safe online environment for its users to share and learn from human experiences. Connect with them on LinkedIn for more.


Founded by Brandon Torres Declet and Jesse Stepler, Measure is an aerial intelligence company. Their services, which range from end-to-end program management to in-platform data analysis, are driving the transformational benefits of drone technology. They can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @droneasaservice.

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