Exploring the Hidden Gems of Cortlandt Manor: A Dive into Unique Hotels and More

July 23, 2023

1. Town Lyne Motel

  • Website: townlynemotel.com
  • Categories: Hotel, Motel, Camp, Lodging Places, Rooming Houses

This cozy establishment caters to travelers looking for comfortable stays that capture the essence of Cortlandt Manor.

2. Hudson Valley Bus Co Incorporated

Not just a transportation service, Hudson Valley offers travel accommodations, blending convenience with comfort for visitors and locals alike.

3. P t l a Enterprise

  • Categories: Transportation service, Hotel, Buses, Travel, Bus Travel, Travel Accommodation

Merging transport and hospitality, P t l a Enterprise promises efficient travel solutions paired with lodgings for a seamless experience.

4. Conroy John J

  • Categories: Reservations, Motel

Conroy John J is all about ease of booking and comfortable stays, offering a homely motel experience for travelers.

5. Tru Organics Pest Control

  • Categories: Pest Control Service, Mosquito Control Service, Landscaper, and more.
  • Description: For over two decades, Truly Landscapes & Design has enhanced Westchester County’s outdoor beauty. Besides, they provide organic pest control solutions.

6. Hunterbrook Ridge

  • Categories: Facility, Homes, Hotel, Elderly Care, and more.

Hunterbrook Ridge is a haven for senior citizens, providing a combination of assisted living facilities, retirement housing, and apartments, ensuring utmost care and comfort.

7. Big Apple Refinishing

  • Categories: INDUSTRIAL, Contractor, Construction, Hotel, Motel, and more.
  • Description: As the name suggests, Big Apple Refinishing specializes in bathtub reglazing in Peekskill, NY. Their broad range of services extends to building and construction, showcasing their versatility.

8. Town Line Motel

  • Categories: Resort, Vacation Cottages, Resort Cottages

Experience relaxation like never before with Town Line Motel’s tranquil resort cottages, perfect for a leisurely getaway.

9. Union Hotel

Union Hotel ensures guests are treated to top-notch services and accommodations, embodying the heart of Cortlandt Manor’s hospitality.

10. Peekskill Motor Inn Ofc

  • Categories: Hotel, Motel, Camp, Lodging Places, Rooming Houses

Dedicated to offering a comfortable and memorable stay, Peekskill Motor Inn is a testament to classic hospitality.

11. The Abbey Inn & Spa

  • Website: https://www.theabbeyinn.com/
  • Categories: Hotel, 4-star hotel
  • Description: Overlooking the Hudson River Highlands, The Abbey Inn offers a luxurious experience steeped in history.

12. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Peekskill-Lower Hudson Valley, an IHG Hotel

Known for their consistent service, this Holiday Inn Express & Suites branch offers both leisure and business amenities to suit all types of travelers.

13. Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

  • Website: bethelwell.com
  • Categories: Nursing home, Rehabilitation Centers, and more.

Dedicated to healthcare and rehabilitation, Bethel ensures top-tier medical and recuperative services.

14. Watergate Motor Inn

With its welcoming ambiance, Watergate Motor Inn is a preferred choice for many seeking a blend of comfort and convenience.

Each of these establishments contributes uniquely to the charm and allure of Cortlandt Manor. Whether you’re seeking a comfortable stay, reliable transport, or other amenities, this list showcases the region’s breadth of offerings. Explore these gems on your next visit to experience the diverse landscape of Cortlandt Manor’s hospitality industry.

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