Exploring St. Louis: Rising Stars in US Consulting Industry Startups

January 28, 2024

St. Louis, Missouri, is bustling with a new wave of exciting startups that have emerged since 2020. These companies, scaling across various critical sectors such as consulting, blockchain, finance, and technology, among others, are injecting new life into the city’s business ecosystem. This article offers insight into these innovative companies, their specialties, and their shared roots in the Gateway City.

All the startups discussed in this article have a unique approach to problem-solving and have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to their respective sectors since their inception. The St. Louis consulting industry has been particularly characterized by immense growth and diversity, with startups offering fresh and innovative solutions.

Without further ado, let us delve into these startups that are shaping the future of the consulting industry in St. Louis.

Broadview Group Holdings

Broadview Group Holdings is a dynamic company that specializes in management consulting in the service industry. The company focuses on creating significant and sustainable value in a variety of sectors, including commercial and industrial products, specialty distribution, industrial services, and food and agriculture businesses. With a commitment to business-to-business sectors with promising long-term dynamics, Broadview Group Holdings is making a notable impact in the business world. LinkedIn Profile

Squad of Bulldogs

As a pioneer in the blockchain, consulting, and information technology industry, Squad of Bulldogs distinguishes itself with its innovative approach. Although they haven’t provided a detailed description, their presence in the market and their innovative contributions to their industry are noteworthy. LinkedIn Profile

Kuleana Consulting

Founded by Alivia Kaplan, Kuleana Consulting offers high-quality, student-driven consulting services to social enterprises and nonprofits globally. They connect students to social enterprise career exploration opportunities and provide businesses with brilliant consultants to solve strategic and operational problems. Kuleana’s commitment to driving social change and expanding opportunities for students internationally is commendable. LinkedIn Profile

PaveTech Consulting

A leading consulting group in building maintenance, construction, and consulting, PaveTech Consulting specializes in the inspection, maintenance, and design of new and existing roadways. Their commitment to quality assurance and adherence to industry best practices guarantees professional and reliable services. LinkedIn Profile


yWhales is a community-based ecosystem specializing in blockchain, consulting, cryptocurrency, finance, Fintech, venture capital, and vertical search. They aim to help communities navigate the digitization of currency and assets through their groundbreaking web3 technologies. @YWhales_W3 LinkedIn Profile

Saint Louis Consulting Group

Founded by Samuel Holliday, Saint Louis Consulting Group comprises the best and brightest students in the WashU, Olin MBA Program. These consultants come from diverse demographic and educational backgrounds, and they supplement their knowledge with world-class facilities and faculties offered by the MBA Program at WashU, Olin School of Business. LinkedIn Profile


Algrthm is a perceptual AI company founded by a team of mathematicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs including Jim McBride, Rich Waidmann, and Seth Waite. Algrthm leverages AI to understand the physical world, making new ways of perception available to developers and partners – a significant leap in AI and measuring the real world. LinkedIn Profile

Alexander Coleman, LLC

Alexander Coleman, LLC, is a consultation and finance company founded by Dallas Coleman and Patrick Alexander. Their mission is to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and succeed in today’s competitive market. This firm provides an array of services, including business planning, marketing strategy, financial modeling, etc., taking a small ownership percentage in startups as part of its innovative business model. LinkedIn Profile

The startups mentioned above have not only contributed to the thriving St. Louis ecosystem but also offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions in their respective fields. They echo the spirit of entrepreneurship and exude passion, commitment, and a genuine love for their craft, making St. Louis a city to watch in the startup scene.

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