Exploring Scottsdale’s Rising US Consulting Startups: A Look at Innovation

January 27, 2024

As 2020 has bolstered the entrepreneurial spirit across the United States, Scottsdale, Arizona has seen an emergence of startups. Particularly within the consulting industry, these innovative companies tackle diverse markets including business development, cleaning technology, design, and more. Established recently, these startups distinguish themselves through their commitment to service, unique strategies, and innovative thinking. This article introduces some of the notable startups groundwork in the Scottsdale consulting scene.

With the COVID-19 pandemic addressing unique challenges, many new businesses have risen to meet these demands. Being adaptable, agile, and forward-thinking are key attributes of a successful start-up, especially in unpredictable times. From this has sprung a new group of entrepreneurs setting up their businesses in Scottsdale, venturing into a myriad of industries including consulting.

Consulting startups, in particular, offer a host of services to aid businesses during these challenging times. Whether it’s providing a strategy for growth and development, offering solutions for environmental cleanliness, or facilitating effective management, these startups provide crucial support to companies of all sizes and sectors. Let’s delve into some noteworthy startups in the Scottsdale consulting industry that have come up in 2020.

The Business Growth Academy

The Business Growth Academy, having its roots based in Scottsdale, offers business and personal coaching, marketing strategies, and strategic planning for entrepreneurs and business owners. Notably, they conduct elite business programs specifically for female entrepreneurs. With its outreach on Facebook and LinkedIn , the company builds a strong network with its clients and audience.

Hospitality Bio Cleaners

As cleanliness has gained traction in all sectors due to COVID-19, Hospitality Bio Cleaners provides clean technology for commercial and residential use. With its presence on Facebook and LinkedIn , they stay connected with customers, providing updates and sharing essential information.

Ply Consulting

Ply Consulting caters to non-profit organizations by providing value curation services. Their comprehensive solutions include Panacea 101, PUPA, The Xylophone Experiment, Project Sour Plum, and Divit. You can connect with Ply Consulting on LinkedIn .

The Design Center

Addressing the niche of design consulting, The Design Center offers a range of services, including pre-design calls, remodeling consultations, and full-service interior design services. They illustrate expertise in vacation rental design and set-up, meeting the increasing demand for vacation rentals. Stay connected with them via Facebook and LinkedIn .


PAVI, focusing on IT consulting, promises to automate the talent lifecycle for businesses. Their platform provides users insight and transparency around the interview process while offering real-time feedback on communication.

Gainey Business Bank

Gainey Business Bank, based in Scottsdale, offers consulting services extending across the banking and financial services sectors. You can connect with Gainey Business Bank on LinkedIn.

These startups are just a glimpse into the bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem blooming in Scottsdale, Arizona. From providing business insights to distinctive services, these ventures are redefining consulting in their unique ways. With the current economic landscape igniting innovative thinking, the future of US startups appears promising, particularly in Scottsdale’s consultancy arena.

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