Exploring San Francisco’s Emerging Aerospace Startups in America’s Innovation Hub

January 3, 2024

San Francisco, the shining gem on the Northern California coast and renowned cultural, financial, and commercial center, is also a thriving hub for technology-based startups. The city’s vibrant innovative spirit is also manifesting in the aerospace industry, housing a number of impressive new startups designing cutting-edge technology and revolutionizing the way we understand and explore the cosmos. These fledgling ventures, all incepted in 2020 or later, are worth keeping an eye on.

Not only do these companies pioneer breakthroughs in aerospace and aviation technologies, but they also astutely integrate sustainability, advance Artificial Intelligence, leverage Machine Learning, and even tap into the potential of space mining. This article puts the spotlight on 2020-born, San Francisco-based startups operating in the aerospace industry that are boldly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The diversity amongst these startups, in terms of their offerings and specialties, further reiterates the richness and expanse of the aerospace industry. Let’s dive into an exploration of these exciting companies, their missions, their founders, and the distinguished value they provide through their innovative endeavors.


Founded by Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock, Archer has taken upon the mission to advance the benefits of sustainable air mobility. This aerospace company, based out of San Francisco, aims to redefine urban commute with its all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Archer’s fully electric aircraft is designed to carry four passengers for 60 miles at speeds of up to 150mph while producing minimal noise. [Follow Archer on LinkedIn]


Varda, a space manufacturing startup co-founded by Daniel Marshall, Delian Asparouhov, and Will Bruey, is setting new trajectories by focusing on creating products in space for terrestrial applications. The company is building an infrastructure to harvest source materials for new products in space via asteroid mining. [Find Varda on LinkedIn]

Buoyant Aero

Co-founded by Benjamin Claman and Joseph Figura, Buoyant Aero is redefining air freight efficiency. The company builds unmanned airships that move middle-mile air freight at half the cost of a small plane. [Check out Buoyant Aero on LinkedIn]


Founded by Eugenio Donati and Raymond Wang, AeroVect works on developing autonomous driving platforms for efficient, safe, and reliable airside operations at some of the world’s largest passenger and cargo hubs. [Follow AeroVect on LinkedIn]

Spike Dynamics

Focused on developing long stroke linear actuators and rotary motors for Aerospace, Robotics, and IoT, Spike Dynamics is a startup founded by Alexander “Sasha” Sergeev. The company claims its solutions to be 20 times smaller and lighter than others currently available on the market.

VMO Aircraft Leasing

Based in San Francisco, California, VMO Aircraft Leasing specializes in leasing aircrafts in the aerospace and air transportation industry. [Follow VMO Aircraft Leasing on Twitter]


WorkForYourWorld.com is an online platform founded by Robert Drblik dedicated to connecting job seekers with employers who focus on sustainability and social impact in various industries including aerospace, content discovery, and software development, among others.


OrbitsHub, cofounded by Divya Krishnamoorthy and Praveen Krishnamoorthy, is a technology startup committed to providing end-to-end tracking and monitoring solutions using Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning tools. Serving worldwide customers, OrbitsHub is revolutionizing the way businesses operate with intelligent solutions. [Visit OrbitsHub on LinkedIn]

The birth of these varied startups in 2020 signals exciting times ahead for the aerospace industry. With their groundbreaking tech and innovative business models, these San Francisco-based startups are set to create lasting impacts on how we interact with, and explore the frontiers of space.

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