Exploring San Diego’s Noteworthy Software Startups Making Waves Nationally

January 29, 2024

Renowned for its iconic coastline and vibrant economy, San Diego, California, has become a promising breeding ground for new startups, particularly in the blooming field of software development. With the inception of several startups in 2020 and later, it reveals a resilient spirit in the face of global uncertainties. This article will explore the profiles of some revolutionary startups, their founders, their missions, and their contributions to the software industry.

The dynamism of the San Diego software industry can be seen in the diversity of the startups emerging in various market niches. These ventures range from health care and medical software to cryptocurrency and finance-related applications. Startups like these are shaping the future landscape of various industries, redefining how we perceive and interact with technology.

In the following sections, we will highlight some San-Diego-based startups that are shaping the software industry with their innovative solutions. Founded in 2020 or later, these companies have quickly adapted to new market realities, showcasing the pace of technological advancements and the resilience of the startup ecosystem in San Diego.

Turquoise Health

Co-founded by Adam Geitgey and Chris Severn, Turquoise Health is a health tech company that simplifies administration to reduce the expense and complexity of healthcare. The company operates remotely from San Diego and aims to transform healthcare management with its innovative solutions. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.

PiKNiK & Company

Founded by Kevin Huynh, PiKNiK & Company caters to the growing demand for mining servers and enterprise storage. With aims to revolutionize data storage with their cloud-based solutions, PiKNiK touches the emerging areas of cryptocurrency and mining technology. For more information, check their profile on LinkdIn.

Walla Software

Walla Software, co-launched by Doug Hecht and Laura Munkholm, operates in stealth mode with undisclosed products or services. More details can be found on their website.

Let’s Dive

Nitesh Agrawal and Om Prakash Shanmugam founded Let’s Dive to revolutionize remote meetings making them more organized, efficient, and engaging. To follow their progress, check out their LinkedIn page.


Streamlined aims to create an unrivalled payment experience for B2B transactions. They can be found under the handle @ItsStreamlined on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

EDGE Markets

EDGE Markets targets the legal sports betting market with tools to promote responsible betting and expand the ecosystem.

Contakt World

Founded by Andre Basbaum, Justin S. Beck, Riaz Ferdaus, and Robin Coleman, Contakt World combines technology with innovative solutions to improve community health and equity. Check out their updates on LinkedIn.


Conferfly provides efficient, secure, and private conference room software that integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365. Be sure to follow them on LinkedIn.

Snowcat Cloud Inc.

Co-founded by Joao Correia, Snowcat Cloud Inc. provides hosted Snowplow platform solutions for delivering behavioral data at scale. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates..

Hauler Hero

Founded by Ben Sikma and Mark Hoadley, Hauler Hero is yet another new venture on our list. Visit their Facebook page for more details and updates.

Condor Software, Inc.

Established by Jennifer Kyle and John Yang-Sammataro, Condor Software, Inc. is promising in the field of finance software. Learn more about their ventures by visiting their LinkedIn page.

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