Exploring San Diego’s Innovative US-Based Financial Services Startups

January 25, 2024

San Diego, California is fast becoming a hotbed of financial innovation. Fueled by an exciting startup ecosystem, the city boasts a wealth of companies that are pushing the boundaries of financial services. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most innovative San Diego-based startups, all launched in 2020 or later, disrupting the FinTech landscape. From digital asset management to consumer lending and everything in between, these companies are leveraging technology to reshape financial transactions and redefine customer experiences.

What follows is a snapshot of these companies and their noteworthy contributions to the industry. Their approaches vary, but they share a common goal: to challenge the status quo and bring about positive and efficient changes in the financial sector. Whether you’re an investor, a potential customer, or simply a curious onlooker, this list is sure to interest you.

Here are some of the San Diego startups you should keep an eye on:

Onramp Invest

With a vision to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital asset repositories, Onramp Invest is a platform that allows investors and financial professionals to build and transfer multi-asset portfolios in real-time. Optimizing the potential of emerging digital assets and breaking down economic barriers, Onramp Invest is well-equipped to cope with the growing demands of the digital economy. For more information check their social media on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lean Financial

Lean Financial, as the name suggests, focuses on lean principles in its quest to streamline financial services. Discover more about this startup by visiting their LinkedIn profile.

Poly Pay

With a mission to revolutionize payments, Poly Pay envisions a future where payments are not just transactions but also a medium of personal expression. Check out their LinkedIn.

Point Break Holdings

Point Break Holdings aims to develop innovative products and services tailored for the consumer debt industry. To learn more about their progress and plans, visit their LinkedIn page.

BEST Lending Co

In the realm of real estate, BEST Lending Co stands out with its industry-specific financial services. For everyday updates, check their Facebook and LinkedIn.


At intandem, the focus is on finance and accounting, designed for the modern business landscape. Their LinkedIn provides further insights.

Workable Wealth LLC

Workable Wealth LLC operates in the finance and financial services sector. Stay connected via their Facebook

Coast Funding

Coast Funding is a player in the commercial lending spectrum, providing business-specific financial solutions. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Woodson Wealth Management

Woodson Wealth Management combines consulting, finance, and financial services to provide a comprehensive wealth management solution. For more details, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Streams offers an easy-to-use mobile app that protects traditional investors from inflation while they earn passive income from their digital assets. Get to know them more on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Splitero aims to give homeowners better access to home equity without the burden of new debt or additional monthly payments. Stay updated on their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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