Exploring Ohio’s Burgeoning Analytics Startups: Spotlight on U.S Innovation

January 2, 2024
Ohio is quickly becoming a highly regarded hub of innovative startups in the United States. Established in recent years, a number of new startups in the Analytics industry have emerged in Ohio. These companies are firmly grounded in the cutting-edge of tech innovation, utilizing their unique insights and management skills to improve various facets of modern life. The feeble global economic climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic did not deter these startups from setting up their foundation and moving forward towards their goals.

Being part of the bustling tech scene, the analytics startups in Ohio compete with firms not just within the state, but also across the US. They are especially attractive to investors due to their tech-driven approach and promising future. These analytics startups are transforming industries such as Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate Investment, Human Resources, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these Ohio-based startups founded in 2020 and onwards, that are making waves in the analytics sector:


Located in the city of Dublin, reAlpha is a major player in the FinTech and Property Management sectors. reAlpha was founded by Giri Devanur and Monaz Karkaria and operates with a clear focus: to simplify real estate through easy investments in short-term rental properties and deliver optimal guest experiences. The company makes use of an AI-driven algorithm named reAlphaBRAIN to score and source properties for their platform. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Signalon, headquartered in Yellow Springs, excels in offering top-notch Analytics Consulting and Training services. Their approach to managing data is unique and highly effective. Find Signalon on LinkedIn.

Quantize Analytics

Based in Columbus, Quantize Analytics has carved a niche for itself in the world of Analytics, Business Development, and Software. They specialize in creating high-performing data dashboards that provide actionable insights to their customers. Their profile can be found on LinkedIn.

CRG Technologies

CRG Technologies, situated in Westerville, offers expertise in Analytics, Consulting, and Information Technology. Get more information about them on their LinkedIn page.

Digital Clarity

Digital Clarity, headquartered in Cincinnati, provides groundbreaking analysis of video, voice, sound, and textual data. For further details and updates, visit their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Eric Does Data

Based in Kent, Eric Does Data specializes in Power BI reporting and business intelligence development. The firm, founded by Eric Nichols, aids businesses in leveraging data to enhance performance and profitability. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


TradingBull, based in Delaware, is a financial platform that specializes in Digital Assets. Its co-founders Arthur MEUNIER and Sergey Ivanov envision it to be a global aggregator for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors. Get in touch with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ikonos Analytics

Firmly grounded in Columbus, Ikonos Analytics has been offering specialized analytics solutions since its inception in 2020. The startup is led by Rehgan Avon and has been helping firms evolve their analytic game plans.

HR Signal

HR Signal, stationed in Cleveland, leverages Analytics, Human Resources, Machine Learning and SaaS tools to enhance employee retention in companies. They analyze data points to unlock valuable workforce trends and reduce retention risks. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Perceive now

From its base in Cincinnati, Perceive now provides business and technical intelligence to help tech companies expand their market share. You can get in touch with them via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cogo Insurance

Cogo Insurance is an insurtech startup based in Dayton. Founded by Al Bagiro, Islom Shakhbandarov, and Kaya Ozkaymak, Cogo Insurance is targeted at Smart Trucking operations. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

All of these companies, regardless of the stages they are at, show exciting promise for the year ahead. With Analytics remaining a hot-button topic in 2022, these Ohio startups are definitely companies to watch.

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