Exploring Notable California-Based Affiliate Marketing Startups in the US Landscape

January 3, 2024

California, home to Silicon Valley, has long been considered the bedrock of American innovation. It is the birthplace of renowned tech giants and promising startups that aim to revolutionize and accommodate the modern world’s diverse needs. Among the rapidly emerging spheres is Affiliate Marketing, a potent industry combining the prowess of marketing, technology, and the internet. In the following list, we offer you a closer look at some exciting affiliate marketing startups, all founded in 2020 or later, operating from the land of Golden Opportunities – California.

These startups capitalize on advances in various tech-based domains, like Advertising, E-Commerce, Social Media, SEO, Web Development, Data Integration, and more. They stand out for their game-changing ideas, whether they offer rewarding programs for individuals to earn an income from marketing products or services or innovative platforms addressing specific industries like pets or sports gaming. Let’s delve into the vibrant realm of these startups that make money-smart, creative collaborations happen.

Each of these affiliate marketing startups have a unique take on how they leverage the power of influential recommendation and association with brands or products. This method of marketing allows them to tap into diverse markets and answer critical business pain points through tech-driven marketing solutions. Below, we invest a closer look into each of them:

Social Snowball

Based in Los Angeles, Social Snowball provides Advertising and Affiliate Marketing services operating in the E-Commerce and Marketing industries. Their expansive social media presence features a nourishing twitter handle @_socialsnowball, a convenient Facebook page here and a professional Linkedin profilehere.


Another Los Angeles based startup, BUENA AI, works across multiple domains including Affiliate Marketing, Content Creators, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Lifestyle, Software, Tourism, and Travel. Stay updated with their activities on Twitter @myBUENAlife, Facebook here or follow their story on Linkedin here.


Located in San Diego, California Kanahoma operates in the realm of Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Web Development. Follow their inspiring journey on Linkedhere, or tweet away with@KanahomaAgency.


Another gem from Los Angeles, WagerWire combines Affiliate Marketing with Data Integration, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Financial Exchanges, Internet, Marketplace, Media and Entertainment, and Trading Platform industries to provide unique sports gaming marketplace. Connect with them on Linkedin hereor follow them for updates on@wagerwire.

Acadot Media

Acadot Media is a San Francisco-based startup joining forces in Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and Marketing. Click here for Facebook and link with them here on Linkedin or tweet to@AcadotMedia.


BestForPets is an El Segundo-based Affiliate Marketing startup focusing on pet-related products. Connect with the group at their Facebook page here, on Linkedin here or tweet to@BestForPets4.

The Best Stuff LLC

The Best Stuff, LLC, based in Fallbrook, is a blog-based Affiliate Marketing platform. They are reachable at their Facebook page here, or hop onto their Tweets on@TheBestStuffLLC and join their network on Linkedin here.

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