Exploring New York’s Pioneering US-Based Machine Learning Startups

January 26, 2024

Startups in the realm of machine learning have seen a considerable surge in the recent past. The field, which pertains to creating and honing algorithms that allow machines to learn from and make decisions based on data, hiolds immense potential in sectors ranging from healthcare to robotics. This article will provide a lookout into some of the rising stars in this sector that have their headquarters situated in the hub of New York City. These startups are harnessing the power of technological advancements to revolutionize the landscape of industries in the US and beyond.

Each startup highlighted in this article is a part of the Machine Learning industry and was founded after 2020, signifying its commitment and enthusiastic approach towards technological advancements and emerging trends. Many of these companies focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions not only in machine learning, but also in related areas like artificial intelligence, software engineering, data analytics, healthcare, etc. The common aim that binds all these organizations is their determination to harness the power of automation and artificial intelligence to transform the business arena.

Armed with innovative ideas to tackle complex challenges, these companies are making significant strides in nascent technologies like machine learning. Let’s explore these machine learning startups that are making New York a hotbed for technology innovation.


Viam is a New York City-based start-up, which was founded in 2020 by Eliot Horowitz. The company operates at the crossroads of robotics, machine learning, and software engineering. With the primary goal of building products to assist individuals in their everyday lives, Viam is demonstrating how technology can have a direct impact on improving human living standards. You can get more info about Viam on their website, on their Twitter, or on their Linkedin page.

Black Crow AI

Founded by Damon Tassone and Richard Harris, Black Crow AI operates in the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and marketing. The New York-based startup provides a business intellect platform that offers machine learning predictions, providing real-time insights to businesses. Visit the Black Crow AI website, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin page to learn more.


Devron, founded by Kartik Chopra, aims to open up machine learning to a wider audience. Their product platform seeks to democratize machine learning by breaking down data science silos. More information about the company can be found on Devron’s website or Linkedin page.


Coiled is a startup that was founded by Matthew Rocklin and provides solutions for scaling data science, machine learning, and AI applications in Python. They can be reached through their website, Twitter, or Linkedin page.

Alaffia Health

Alaffia Health, founded by Adun Akanni and TJ Ademiluyi in 2020, uses machine learning and AI to mitigate provider fraud in healthcare claims. Information about Alaffia Health can be found on their website or their Linkedin page.

Ozette Technologies

Ozette Technologies, a life science startup co-founded by Raphael Gottardo, Greg Finak, Ali Ansary, and Evan Greene in 2020, uses AI and advanced data analysis technologies for immune system monitoring and analysis. Visit the Ozette website, Twitter, or Linkedin page to learn more.


ePOP AI, co-founded by Sunay Shah and Sunil Rajan, provides users with an aggregate of their receipt histories for easier viewing across accounts. More about this company can be found on the ePOP AI website or their Linkedin page.


Jay Gutta and Sharad Malhautra founded dSilo, an enterprise AI company that helps businesses streamline compliance processes and minimize expense leakage. Learn more about dSilo on their website or their Linkedin page.


AppliedXL, led by Francesco Marconi, uses technology and journalism skills to anticipate news events. Visit the AppliedXL website, Twitter, or Linkedin page to learn more about their initiatives.


Founded by Chaudhry Raza Hassan and Maeve Wang, Iambic is revolutionising the shoemaking process by infusing technology into their designs. Contact details for Iambic and more information can be found on the Iambic website or Linkedin page.


Rasgo, co-founded by Jared Parker and Patrick Dougherty, removes metric inconsistencies that cause different decision outcomes stemming from the same data. You can find more about Rasgo on their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin page.

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