Exploring New York’s Innovative US-Based Accounting Startup Scene

January 28, 2024

Despite the global uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many new startups have managed to not only survive, but thrive. In particular, emerging companies in the financial sector have stepped up to meet the challenges of the modern era; especially providing much needed innovative solutions that simplify accounting. New York, a city renowned for its dynamic and evolving startup scene, has been a fertile ground for these burgeoning businesses. Here, we spotlight ten New York-based accounting startups that have cropped up in or after 2020 and stand poised to make waves in the industry.

These startups are harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to revolutionize accounting and introduce companies to future-ready financial solutions. From automated workflows and AI-driven processes to real-time data analysis and digital tax solutions, these fresh startups are setting new standards in accounting. The breadth and depth of their offerings underline the unlimited potential and versatility of modern accounting practices.

We encourage our readers to keep tabs on these emerging businesses as they champion novel approaches and creative solutions, not just in the New York startup scene, but in the accounting industry as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at these promising startups and what they bring to the industry:


Founded by Amir Boldo and Isaac Heller, Trullion is an AI-powered platform that automates workflows for accounting and audit teams. By doing so, it enables businesses to work faster, stay compliant, and improve accuracy. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Blue Onion Labs

Blue Onion Labs, led by Charles M. and Lyndsey Bunting, provides software that traces transactions and reconciles orders, directly responding to the challenges of the modern-day business landscape. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

Osso Capital

Osso Capital, established by Olivia John and Spencer Vegosen, offers an investment strategy built on real-time data analysis. Its services extend to transaction execution and operational oversight. Visit their LinkedIn page.

Peritus Capital

Peritus Capital is part of the new wave of startups spearheading innovations in the world of finance and accounting. Learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Gamma America

Gamma America combines accounting and financial services with consulting. Stay updated on their latest offerings through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Elevator 365

Combining accounting and IT-based consulting services, Elevator 365 offers accountability and consulting services. The company’s profile can be seen on LinkedIn.

The Center for Climate-Aligned Finance

The Center for Climate-Aligned Finance exemplifies innovation in accounting by integrating considerations of sustainability. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Ecommphics provides digital marketing solutions as well as accounting services, demonstrating the versatility of the industry. Catch their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Conceived by Camellia George and Conner Mulvee, Koxa is an API platform that connects accounting software, showcasing a seamless blend of technology and accounting. Explore their offering on their LinkedIn page.

Column Tax

Column Tax, founded by Gavin Nachbar, Michael R Bock, and Shehan Chandrasekera, enables mobile banks and Fintech companies to provide top-tier tax features to their end-users. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

ERTC Express

ERTC Express is leveraging digital solutions to simplify accounting, consulting, and financial services for small- and medium-sized businesses. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These startups represent the cutting-edge of accounting technology. Their creative solutions and groundbreaking applications of emerging technology signal a bright future for the accounting industry. Upon carefully monitoring the advancements of these startups, it becomes undeniable that New York remains a thriving hub for financial and accounting innovation.

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