Exploring New York’s Innovative Advice Industry Startups: US Based Spotlight

January 30, 2024

There’s a growing ecosystem in New York for startups that has produed incredible innovators with groundbreaking ideas. In this fast-paced digital world, it’s evident that the business environment calls for a new wave of advice-centered platforms in various industries that offer solid guidance. This article will explore startups founded in 2020 or later based in New York, New York that operate in the Advice industry, contribute to the business landscape, and offer innovative solutions and guidance to their clients.

These startups disrupt traditional sectors, offering a fresh approach through their unique business models. They span various industries such as Financial Services, Asset Management, Risk Management, FinTech, Consulting, and Management Consulting. We aim to introduce these companies, provide insight, and highlight what makes them unique in the market. So let’s dive in.

As the business environemnet evolves, the need for guidance and advice grows. The following startups have positioned themselves to meet the demand, and arm businesses with effective strategies and solutions.

Opto Investments

Co-founded by Jacob Miller, Joe Lonsdale, Mark Machin, and Matt Reed, Opto Investments has designed a complete solution for independent investment advisors to engage with private market investments. The company operates within the Advice, Asset Management, and FinTech industries. To learn more about Opto Investments, connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Alex Ehrlich, Percapita, seeks to bridge the gap between financial services and financial wellness. Percapita focuses on individual stories, financial needs, and aspirations. They also offer consulting services in finance and financial services. Follow Percapita on LinkedIn for updates and financial advice.


GreenPortfolio, founded by Bonnie Gurry and Elizabeth Landau, provides consumer advice in Clean Energy and Personal Finance sectors. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter @greenportfolio_ and Facebook.

Dutchess Management

Operating in the Advice, Financial Services, Management Consulting, and Transaction Processing sectors, Dutchess Management provides expert advice. Be sure to follow them on LinkedIn.

Calex Partners

Emulating advice across industries, Calex Partners specializes in Financial Services, Personal Finance, and Real Estate. You can check out their services by visiting their LinkedIn.


Moving from traditional work environments, Meritarc is introducing changes in HR’s impact as part of its advisory services. Also focusing on finance, fintech, and consulting sectors, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter @meritarc.


Simplify aims to help advisors build better portfolios. They focus on offering these asset allocation solutions via their Advisor Hub. Stay connected with Simplify and availed of their updates by following them on LinkedIn and Twitter @simplifyETFs.


Founded by David La Cross and offering services on Internet and Advice sectors, Arthur is another standout startup in our list. Stay updated with Arthur through their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter @askarthur_art.

Sano Investment Management

Offering investment services and guidance, wealth management, risk management, and more, Sano Investment Management advises on the crucial aspects of finance. Keep in touch with them via their LinkedIn page.

New York Business Advisory & Corporate Services

Navigating businesses of all sizes to go international, NYBACS provides business advisory, incorporation, and cross-border payment solutions. For updates, follow on LinkedIn, Twitter @NYBACS, and Facebook.

Richbrook Advisors

Richbrook Advisors offers its financial expertise with client-centered solutions. They operate in the Advice, Asset Management, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, and Lending sectors. Stay updated with their growth and services on LinkedIn.

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