Exploring New York’s Disruptive HR Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 26, 2024

The Human Resources industry in the United States has seen a surge of startup innovation and creativity, especially in the vibrant metropolis of New York City. Despite the challenging economic environment posed by the pandemic, many HR startups founded in 2020 and beyond have continued to thrive and innovate. This article will share insights into some of these exciting startups, all of which are based in New York, New York. Each startup is revolutionizing the HR space in its own way, ranging from virtual recruitment platforms to infrastructure products that help communities build their own recruitment systems.


Founded by Alessandro Russo, Jainil Sutaria, Jake Barry, and Kai Han, Pallet is an innovative infrastructure product that facilitates communities, creators, and others in creating their own native recruiting products. Key to their vision is the belief in harnessing the power of internet communities as a rich source of talent. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

HIVE Diversity

HIVE Diversity offers a virtual recruitment platform that boosts engagement between companies and a diverse community of students and recent graduates. Founded by Byron Slosar in 2020, HIVE Diversity is leading a revolution in the HR space, turning recruitment into a dynamic process. Check out their page on LinkedIn.


Spokn, founded by Fawzy Abu Seif and Mariel Davis, brings human connection to the forefront of remote work. They offer a user-friendly platform for video and audio stories and podcasts, providing a more personal way for remote employees to connect. For more information, refer to their Linkedin profile.


Café, founded by Arthur Lorotte de Banes and Tom Nguyen, provides an app that empowers employees to make decisions about their work environment. They also assist organizations in fostering effective team collaborations in a hybrid working world. Connect with Café on LinkedIn.


Kambeo is a social platform which aims to make it easy and fun for people to give back to their community. They provide tools for businesses seeking to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental causes. To learn more about their mission, visit their LinkedIn profile or Facebook page.


Wizco aims to help job applicants secure their dream jobs by offering coaching and screening advice. Founded by Alon Ezer and Amir Erez, Wizco provides clients with a private feedback session, a customized report with useful tips, and a video recording of the interview. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.


Teamble, founded by Bilge Aksu and Erbil Yaman, is another exciting startup revolutionizing the HR space. Find more information on their operations on their LinkedIn page.


Heartbeat.ai, founded by Ben Argeband, sources and aggregates licensee data from both official and private sources, providing solutions for your hiring needs. Stay connected via their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.


SkillRank provides IT hiring services including DevOps, infrastructure, cloud, and coding. Their automated scoring assessments enable businesses to assess candidates without spending countless hours on interviews. Get more information on their LinkedIn page.


PairHiring provides a platform for job seekers to build profiles indicating their skills, training, and work history. They offer job matching services, connecting candidates and companies based on mutual fit and objectives. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Brainbox is a talent advisory firm offering job opportunities in a range of sectors including fintech, blockchain, and e-commerce. Founded by Julian Herbstein and Marisa Colantuono Aicardi, they specialize in digital media, sales and marketing positions. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

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