Exploring Miami’s Retail Startups: Innovations in American Marketplaces

January 28, 2024

The retail industry in Miami, Florida, has witnessed a flurry of new startups since 2020. These companies, spanning a diverse range of sectors, including Information Technology, E-Commerce, Cannabis, Artificial Intelligence, Food and Beverage, Delivery, Fashion, Jewelry, and Loyalty Programs, are injecting fresh energy and innovation into Miami’s retail landscape. Miami has become a breeding ground for inventive retail startups seeking to leverage tech-driven solutions to carve a niche in the marketplace. As these startups continue to thrive, they contribute significantly to the vibrant and continuously evolving retail scene in Miami.

The startups are dedicated to enriching the retail experience by delivering radical solutions to traditional challenges. Whether it’s providing market intelligence for the home retail market or creating a social commerce ecosystem for micro-entrepreneurs, these startups are changing the way we shop. Be it through harnessing the power of artificial intelligence or offering product delivery services from various outlets, Miami is at the forefront of this retail revolution.

This article will provide an overview of some of these trailblazing startups, including a brief description, their founders, and their industry. Each company profile will also include a link to their website and their social media channels.


Founders Philip Odelfelt and Tony Panayides established Datavations with a focus on Information Technology, Retail, Sales, and Software. The company is a market intelligence provider for the home retail market, packaging data for easy access by stakeholders across several teams and departments. Datavations generates insights for clients using publicly available retail inventory data. Follow them on Linkedin.


Founded by German Montoya, WAO! is a novel addition to Miami’s E-Commerce, Retail, and Social Shopping scene. The company is a social commerce ecosystem that connects micro-entrepreneurs with customers. They offer exclusive, limited-time deals, high-converting visual sales content, and backend support. Find them on Facebook and

Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is a Miami-based startup in the Cannabis, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Flowers, and Retail industry. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for the latest updates.


Operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Retail Technology, and Software sectors, ThryveAI is one of the recent entrants in Miami’s retail industry scene. To stay updated, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Specializing in the Food and Beverage, Packaging Services, and Retail sectors, Servous is another notable name in Miami’s startup scene. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

DOMI Canastas

Pioneering services in the Delivery, Retail, and Shopping sectors, DOMI Canastas offers product delivery services from various outlets. Follow them on
Facebook and Linkedin for the latest updates.


Skelcore is an ambitious E-Commerce, Fashion, Fitness, and Retail startup that provides a range of products including leggings, joggers, sports bras, and more. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Heiress Beverly Hills

Founded by Hailey Weiner, Heiress Beverly Hills is making strides in the E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Retail industries. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Third Team

As a E-Commerce, Fitness, Retail, Shopping, Soccer, Sporting Goods, and Wholesale startup, Third Team provides soccer referees with top-tier gear. Stay in touch with them through Facebook and Linkedin.

Sea of Glass and Mirrors

Specializing in the Jewelry, Retail, and Sales industries, Sea of Glass and Mirrors provides great frameless shower doors, mirrors, mirror closet doors, glass partitions for offices, and glass storefronts. They service both residential and commercial accounts.


Startup Spoten provides retail tech solutions acting on Marketplace, Loyalty, and plug-n-play & no-code SaaS for retailers and merchants. Follow them on Twitter,
Facebook, and
Linkedin for real-time updates.

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