Exploring LA-Based Aerospace Startups Revolutionizing US Space Ventures

January 3, 2024

Los Angeles, internationally recognized as “City of Stars,” is now hosting a constellation of startups in the rapidly burgeoning aerospace industry. The following list illuminates some of the pioneer startups making strides in the sector of aerospace, space travel, and related fields. Founded after 2020, these startups are pushing the boundaries of human experience and technological evolution.

From satellite manufacturing to space travel service providers, these Los Angeles-based startups are working relentlessly to develop the next generation of aerospace technologies and services. Emerging amid a global pandemic, these companies demonstrate an impressive sense of resilience, determination, and innovation.

The list of companies includes the innovators and harbinger of a revolutionary transformation in space technologies. The leadership, vision, and resilience of these companies serve as an inspiration for other startups and entrepreneurs nationwide.


Outpost is a development of industries in space firms. They provide services for aviation and aerospace, such as earth return of satellites and orbital payload missions. You can connect with Outpost on LinkedIn and Twitter @outpostspace.

Starburst Ventures

Founded by Francois Chopard and Van Espahbodi, Starburst Ventures is a global aerospace & defense-focused venture capital fund. Join their conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @starburstaero.

Proteus Space

Proteus Space, an ambitious satellite innovator and manufacturer, aims to contribute to the New Space Economy through its advanced manufacturing techniques. Follow their updates on LinkedIn and Twitter @proteus_space.


Founded by Austin Briggs and Justin Fiaschetti, Inversion Space is a privately held company driven to change how humanity utilizes space. Their innovative solutions target both commercial and defense industries. To learn more, connect with Inversion on LinkedIn and Twitter @inversionspace.


Plasmos, founded by Ali Baghchehsara and Dirk Hoke, is a new-age space startup solving the problem of the last-mile delivery of space payload. Find out more about Plasmos on LinkedIn and Twitter @PlasmosSpace.


With John Crumpler at the helm, Downmass is a NewSpace company dedicated to bringing all forms of mass back to earth – and beyond. Follow Downmass on LinkedIn and Twitter @downmassinc.


TRL11 operates in the aerospace, battery, manufacturing, and sensor sectors. Stay tuned with their updates on LinkedIn.

Beech Systems

Beech Systems, a stealth-mode startup, is known for creating solutions and products with the potential to transform the aerospace industry. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Despite the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, these companies continue to innovate, inspire, and impact the world of aerospace and beyond. The resilience of these startups indicates a bright future for the sectors they represent and for the city of Los Angeles as a central hub for innovation and groundbreaking technology.

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