Exploring Houston’s Blossoming US Professional Services Startup Sector

January 27, 2024

In recent years, Houston, Texas, has emerged as a budding hub for startups, particularly those operating in the Professional Services domain. The city’s thriving business climate combined with a wealth of resources and talent contributes to this growth. Businesses established in 2020 or later are particularly noteworthy, demonstrating resilience and innovation in uncertain times. This article will spotlight a diverse range of such startups, all operating in the Professional Services Industry and headquartered in Houston.

While several industries were impacted by the global events of 2020, many companies seized opportunities in the situation, paving the way for innovative solutions. From the Information Technology sector to Management Consulting, these startups represent the city’s expanding landscape of businesses accessible to the public. Read on to explore the startups revitalizing the professional service sector and reshaping industry standards in Houston.

Whether these aspiring businesses are award-winning wedding photographers or useful developer tools for distributed crypto apps, they have all made significant strides in a short amount of time. The professional services industry is broad, enveloping different sectors, and these companies have used this to their advantage, capitalizing on the unique opportunities their categorizations provide.


An innovator in the field of Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software, Kurtosis is an end-to-end developer tool system for distributed crypto apps. Kurtosis, founded in 2020, sets out to enhance the developer experience in building, testing, and running distributed systems. Keep up with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

SEIMAX Technologies

Tapping into the Oil and Gas sector along with Professional Services and Software, SEIMAX Technologies is another excellent addition to Houston’s diverse business landscape.

Technoholic Advance Solutions

Serving the Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software areas, Technoholic Advance Solutions offers a wealth of options to their clientele. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about their work.


Co-founded by Kailah Romine and Yogesh Kondaskar, Kanexon serves the Consulting, Information Technology, Non-Profit, and Professional Services fields. Keep an eye on their progress via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Five to Flow

Under the leadership of Founder Kate Visconti, Five to Flow ventures into the fields of Health Care, Human Resources, Management Consulting, and Wellness. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Tax Queens

Specializing in Accounting, Advice, Consulting, Financial Services, and Professional Services, The Tax Queens provide a range of professional expertise. Keep updated with their services on their Facebook page.

Solstice Solar

In the realms of Electrical Distribution, Professional Services, Residential, and Solar, Solstice Solar is leading the effort in providing design, construction, and maintenance services for solar power systems. Follow Solstice Solar on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Wedding Maps

Founded by Christopher Lin, Wedding Maps is the go-to guide for couples seeking premier wedding photographers and venues. Connect with Wedding Maps on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Fueled by the vision of Madison Long and Simone May, Clutch is a digital marketplace connecting creators with businesses in need of unique digital marketing solutions. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Trophy Room Title

Within Professional Services, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment, Trophy Room Title is reinventing processes for a more straightforward approach to the Title, Escrow & Settlement Services industry. Stay updated with their services on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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