Exploring Denver’s Rising U.S. Advertising Startup Scene: Innovation Spotlight

January 27, 2024

The United States, and in particular Denver, Colorado, has seen a surge of innovation in the advertising industry, especially among startups established in 2020 or later. These new businesses have been experimenting with new technologies and methodologies to shape the future of advertising. There has been a significant thrust towards solutions for digital advertising, SEO, Social media marketing, Video Advertising, and Brand Marketing. In this article, we’ll explore a few of these startups that are worth watching.

These upcoming businesses focus not only on delivering quality advertising solutions but also on incorporating unique strategies and distinct operational tactics. The idea is to better understand the consumer and create a more authentic connection between brands and audiences. From video advertising to application software, the breadth and depth of their services are boundless.

So, who are these remarkable startups, and what exactly makes them noteworthy? Let’s delve into each company and uncover the unique attributes that set them apart in the rapidly advancing world of advertising.


Founded by David Martin, David Naffis, and Nicholas Frazee, VideoByte is an innovative startup in the video advertising space focused on the viewer across Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms. Their pioneering video technology delivers memorable brand moments for advertisers while also improving publisher profitability.

Pronto Ai

Pronto Ai is a creative startup bridging the gap in the world of brand marketing. Founded by Ayesha Shehryar, Shehryar Akhtar and Will Feldman, this company is definitely a game-changer in the world of advertising.

Bluehour Digital Marketing

Bluehour Digital Marketing offers an impressive range of services, including advertising, digital marketing, SEO, and UX Design. Stay tuned as they are poised to bring more groundbreaking digital marketing solutions.

Martek Cloud

Martek Cloud offers a wide range of advertising solutions including social media marketing, reputation management, digital advertising, and email marketing.

Post Meridiem

Founded by Nichole Sellden and Waverly McDaniel, Post Meridiem stands at the forefront of developing compelling brand identities and driving marketing strategies.

Unframed Digital

Unframed Digital offers a multitude of digital marketing services including discovery, analysis, design, build, and management. They also excel at providing graphic design, website design, branding ads and marketing materials services.

Fireside at Five

Founded by Gertie Harris, Fireside at Five is an innovative startup contributing to advertising, community engagement, digital marketing, events planning and graphic design. Keep an eye out for this all-around company.

Justice AD

Justice AD is an advertising startup devoted to delivering a range of marketing services, including design, brand strategy, customer strategy, social media, SEO, and SEM services.

Payback Digital

Payback Digital, founded by Dave Gottschalk, has developed an app that gives the control of personal data back to individuals and creates a marketplace where marketers can pay people directly for their engagement.

Aequus Ads

Founded by Andy Ulery and Dilpesh Parmar, Aequus Ads is a SaaS-based in-app bidding and mediation platform geared towards assisting app developers and publishers with yield optimization.

X3 Marketing Group

With a wide range of services, X3 Marketing Group is a full-service, digital marketing agency bringing your web presence directly to the customers you want and driving up the ROI of your marketing spend.

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