Exploring Denver’s Flourishing Consulting Startups in the US Industry

January 25, 2024

With digital disruption reshaping almost every industry in the world, an unprecedented surge of innovative startups is bringing trailblazing transformations to various fields. Based in Denver, Colorado, these startups have been revolutionizing the consulting industry since their inception in 2020 or later. Offering unique services and solutions spanning numerous industries, they have embarked on an unprecedented journey, championing innovative business practices and fostering entrepreneurial spirit.

From financial services to marketing to healthcare to software development, these startups have been helping other businesses adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly-changing economy. Their creative solutions and agile business models have made their mark on the industry, helping drive growth and innovation in the corporate world. The consultative expertise offered by these startups extends across diverse sectors, reflecting the vibrant diversity and inventive resilience of Denver’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In this article we’re going to spotlight these innovative startups, exploring their unique services, discussing their business models, and delving into their role in the wider consulting industry. All companies highlighted are based in Denver and have begun their operations in 2020.

Blue Room Investing

With a unique blend of financial services, hedge funds, impact investing, and management consulting, Blue Room Investing has carved out a unique niche for itself. It offers a long and short public equity hedge fund along with separately managed private impact investments across art, affordable housing, and agriculture, providing customized solutions tailored to individual customer and company needs. Connect with them on their LinkedIn profile.

GTM Guides

Building profitable businesses within the Salesforce ecosystem is a breeze with GTM Guides. This Salesforce ecosystem success firm aids intelligent teams across consulting, marketing, sales and service industries. Follow their growth journey on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Jonny McCoy, WhiteFlag aims to assist people in need of immediate connection and support in their mentally challenging moments. This innovative mental health movement operates in the Apps, Consulting, Health Care, and Wellness sectors. You can join their community via their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.


Co-founded by Nelson Brassell, Planacan is a novel entrant in the AgTech, Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industries. Stay in the loop by following their LinkedIn profile.

AW Vanguard

AW Vanguard specializes in business development, management consulting, and consulting. Follow their LinkedIn for company updates and industry insights.

Form and Flow

Operating within the Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction, and Consulting fields, Form and Flow continues to make strides. Get more information about their services on their LinkedIn profile.

Employer’s Edge HR Consulting

Founded by Paula Unger, Employer’s Edge HR Consulting is a standout in the Compliance, Consulting, Human Resources, Professional Services, and Risk Management sectors. Get updates by following their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.


Situated within the Consulting and Human Resources sector, Spacely pioneers innovative solutions. Keep up to date with their via their LinkedIn profile.

Nspire Wealth

Nspire Wealth impresses within the Asset Management, Consulting, and Financial Services world. Find them on their LinkedIn profile.

Clean Energy Social

Clean Energy Social serves the Clean Energy, CleanTech, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy sectors. They offer a platform of job opportunities supporting the clean energy industry. Connect with them on their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.


Lumino, founded by Andrew Burnett, Jenny Karn, Rhiannon Ruff, and Sheri Cook-Sandve, offers digital communications consulting services. Discover more about Lumino on their LinkedIn profile.

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