Exploring Colorado’s Thriving Aerospace Startups in the American Market

January 3, 2024

The United States has long been a powerhouse in the aerospace industry. As technology advances and private spaceflight becomes more feasible, the hotbed of aerospace innovation continues to be a key sector for startups. Recently, a wave of new startups have emerged, particularly in Colorado, an area renowned for its high-tech industries and entrepreneurial spirit. These startups, all conceived in 2020 or later, are at the cutting-edge of aerospace technology and are poised to revolutionize the industry in various ways.

From electric propulsion systems to asteroid mining, these companies are not only innovating but also taking substantial strides towards a more sustainable future. While some are focused on designing and manufacturing key components, others are developing services and platforms to progress human spaceflight capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at some of these promising aerospace startups headquartered in Colorado.

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H3X Technologies

Headquartered in Lakewood, H3X Technologies is committed to making sustainable aviation a reality. The company, founded by Jason Sylvestre, Eric Maciolek, and Max Liben, works towards manufacturing the lightest electric aircraft propulsion systems in the world. They aim towards developing technology that will transform the aerospace industry, making it more efficient and sustainable.

Onyx Flight

Onyx Flight, based in Denver, offers travel memberships and aircraft charter services. Their membership program and aircraft charter options are designed to be safe, simple, and transparent. Onyx Flight was founded by Shane Maas and promises an innovative and user-friendly approach to air transportation.

Java EDA

Java EDA is an Aerospace startup located in Highlands Ranch. Co-founded by Ari Block, the company operates within the electronic design automation (EDA) and electronics sector, providing solutions and services that aid in aerospace development and design.

Sierra Space

Sierra Space, based in Louisville, is at the forefront of commercial space technology. The company is developing platforms in space for the benefit of life on Earth. Among its innovative products are the Dream Chaser® commercial spaceplane, expected to launch in 2023, and the LIFE™ habitat for low-Earth orbit (LEO) commercialization. Follow them on Facebook for their latest news.


Based in Denver, ThinkOrbital was founded by Lee Rosen, Sebastian Asprella, and Vojtech Holub Ph.D. The company is dedicated to developing low-cost and versatile space stations. Their primary focus is on manufacturing and robotics to provide access to low earth orbit and unleash the potential of space tourism and other beneficial services.


Denver-based startup Karman+ is focused on asteroid mining for carbon-neutral and sustainable energy and resources. The company is exploring the potential of near-earth asteroid mining for water, aiming to kickstart a flywheel cis-lunar economy.

Estes Energetics

Estes Energetics offers solid rocket motors and aerospace systems from its base in Penrose. They provide a range of services from aerospace propulsion and system design to small spacecraft and cube sats. Their cutting-edge technology is applied widely in the aerospace industry, contributing to hardware testing, spacecraft repairs, space forces support, and more.

True Anomaly

Crafted in Denver, True Anomaly manufactures space materials to provide security and sustainability systems in the space domain. They are leveraging their unique capabilities to deliver solutions for a more sustainable and secure presence in space.

Additive Space Technologies

Additive Space Technologies is a Denver-based startup that uses its expertise in 3D printing, 3D technology, and machine learning to build vehicles and infrastructure for space exploration. Their approach could potentially revolutionize the way we manufacture for and operate in space.

Giuseppe Space Enterprises

Located in Colorado Springs, Giuseppe Space Enterprises operates in the commercial aerospace sector. Despite being in its infancy, the company is already attracting attention within the industry. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on their progress.

In conclusion, these startups are contributing significantly to increasing the United States’ strategic position within the global aerospace industry. As they continue to innovate, we can expect these upcoming powerhouses to propel us towards a future where aerospace development is efficient, innovative, and environment-friendly.

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