Exploring California’s Pioneering US-Based 3D Technology Startups Series

December 18, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, innovative technologies such as 3D are disrupting every industry. The inception of startups working with this technology since 2020 is noteworthy. This article encapsulates some such startups that have their headquarters in California, leading the 3D Technology industry by storm. These startups are not only driving innovative solutions in the technology sphere, but also expanding their portfolios in industries ranging from fashion to film production.

3D technology uses a three-dimensional form to create objects or images that have depth and offer a more realistic experience. Its unique ability to offer interactivity, immersion, and complexity makes it a game-changer in today’s technological era. Let’s have a look at some of the startups in the 3D technology industry blooming within California.

Representing an array of industries, Californian startups are using 3D tech to transform how we work, play, shop and create, among others. Let us now focus on these innovative companies and learn about their remarkable contributions to the evolving world of 3D tech.


Timing its inception perfectly with an increasing need for virtual solutions in filmmaking, Backlot is a media agency that offers pre-production, animation, graphic design, film making, and videography services. The uniqueness of the company lies in its claim that filmmakers can render their entire film in 3D. It is replacing labor-intensive tasks with sophisticated software tools, reshaping the $11 billion market.


Another name to be reckoned with is Bods. This fashion technology company has revolutionized online shopping through its innovative virtual fit solution. With an AI-generated digital rendering, users can see how a garment will look and fit on their own avatar- thus transforming online shopping into an interactive, immersive, and personalized experience.

Diffract Technology

Providing precision three-dimensional optical solutions, Diffract Technology develops a holographic sensor that is simply out of this world. Their work is currently cloaked in stealth mode, generating excitement about what the future holds.


Focused on creating visually captivating content, Laetro leverages 3D animation among other services to uplift brand presence in the digital space. Their service range spans across logos, brand development, web and UX design, infographics, copywriting, and more.


For the gaming enthusiasts, Hyperplane is a name to take note of. This virtual reality gaming company allows users to create a virtual arena for Twitch streams. Founded in 2020, Hyperplane is promising an engaging and captivating gaming experience.

The Climate VR

Offering an unexplored perspective on environment research, The Climate VR aims to revolutionize climate sector’s understanding by unleashing the power of 3D tech and UAV imaginery. It provides a high resolution, photo-realistic 3D model of areas of interest for virtual reality exploration.

Ethereal Engine

Offering volumetric, AR, geospatial maps, blockchain, digital beings, and 3D space among other services, Ethereal Engine is a must-know name for the tech enthusiasts. With all forms of contacts available, they succeed in providing a truly immersive experience for their customers.

Moonshot 3D

With an extensive list of services including material proposals and 3D printing, Moonshot 3D is keeping customers engaged by offering innovative solutions in the IT industry.


Digitizing the fashion industry, Seemsay stands out with its 3D service offering. It connects designers, fabric and trim suppliers, pattern makers, and garment manufacturers and offers the option to design with digital seams, layers, and trims.

Final Pixel

From virtual production to 3D modeling, a virtual art department, and consulting services, Final Pixel is a comprehensive service provider in the 3D tech industry. Be it film, TV, video, or LED, they offer services for all media forms.


Specializing in 3D reality capture, IMMERSIVE 4D MEDIA offers an array of services such as measurements, schematic floor plans, 3D capture, and collaboration services. With phone, mail and physical address options for communication, clients can opt for the medium that suits them best.

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