Exemplary Houston-Based US Startups Revolutionizing the Advice Industry

January 3, 2024

Our focus at BestStartup US is to showcase the vibrant startup culture across the United States. Today, we are focusing on recent startups in the Advice industry that are based in Houston, Texas. With the constant evolution of technology and business, finding well-informed advice to navigate these new realms is invaluable. These new startups, each established in 2020 or later, provide their unique perspectives and resources to help other businesses and individuals alike. While their areas of expertise may vary, they all share a common goal: to provide the best advice and service possible.


Based in Houston, Texas, C-MACC merges the chemical industry with consulting and market research services. Founded in 2020, their advisory services include project, product appraisal, business plan creation, optimization, plan review, and risk analysis. Their unique approach combines elements of the chemical industry, fundamental analysis, field research, and analytics. Follow them on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn.

The Tax Queens

Hailing from Houston, The Tax Queens offer everything from accounting services to professional consulting. Their financial advice is tailored to support businesses in the changing financial landscape. More information can be found on their Facebook page.

BlocTech Investment Group

The term ‘incubator’ is best suited for BlocTech Investment Group. This Houston-based startup aims to nurture businesses with their venture capital and advice. Check out their Facebook page and Linkedin to stay updated with the latest news.


MyKrill offers comprehensive consulting services in the Information Technology field. They are located in Houston and provide services including IT advisory, strategic planning, project management, and digital solutions. They are very active on social media, regularly posting updates on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Touchstone Advisors

Touchstone Advisors, founded by Roy W. Nichol, is a Houston-based firm providing wealth management and financial advice. You can learn more about their work through LinkedIn.


Everline is a Houston-based startup that provides security consulting and advice. They are committed to staying abreast of the rapidly evolving security landscape to offer their clients the most current and effective solutions. They can be also found on LinkedIn.

Aetas Insurance

Aetas Insurance based in Houston, offers insurance and related financial advice. Their vast industry knowledge makes them a reliable consulting partner for businesses large and small. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Walker Glantz

Walker Glantz is a firm specializing in accounting, advice, and consulting straight out of Houston. They provide numerous services tailored to meet your business needs. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Whether you are looking for financial advice, security consulting, or guidance through ever-evolving technology, these startups in Houston have much to offer. Given their inception in 2020, these modern businesses are equipped with the latest strategies and tools to guide individuals and organizations through the current business climate. Watch this space as we continue to highlight more American startups that play significant roles in their respective industries.

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